Rumors And News About iPhone 8 Concept – What The New Version Will Look Like

    Even though the major announcements at WWDC 2017 didn’t feature iPhone 8 but the concept of the new phone is already in public. We don’t think that Apple will be making any public announcements until September, when the release of iOS 11 is expected, but that’s not stopping the upcoming iPhone 8 from staying in the news.

    It’s been long since there have been information leaks and news around on how the upcoming iPhone 8 will appear and what features it will come with. However, we’ve noticed one thing and that is all the leaks and information about the iPhone 8 we have noticed are about black model. So, what about the white one?

    iPhone-8-white-renders-Rumors And News About iPhone 8 Concept – What The New Version Will Look Like

    Martin Hajek, the designer, has also got the same worries and with him being known for putting together various concepts depending on rumors for past devices from Apple, he did exactly the same for iPhone 8 as well. As a result, he came up with both black/white iPhone 8 handsets renders with the latest iOS 11 running and perfect AMOLED displays.

    iPhone-8white-renders-iPhone-8-white-renders-Rumors And News About iPhone 8 Concept – What The New Version Will Look Like

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    White model comes with exact same looks as one would have expected, featuring stainless steel edges on metal body in white color. However, the thing that is better in the black version is that you can’t recognize the gap present on top of display where sensors and camera are placed as it disappears into AMOLED screen in black model. Contrary to this, everything becomes obvious in white model and that’s not pleasing at all. What you might desire to have is white-colored iPhone that features a black panel on the front.

    Other than that, the renders feature all the regular design elements. There are bezel-free displays, Home button is not present physically and you don’t have fingerprint sensor towards rear side of the phone which means it is going to be embedded inside the display.
    One thing that these renders confirm is that iPhone 8 is really going to be one great looking smartphone to have. But we’re assuming that everything will come as we have seen in the leaks.

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