iPhone 8 Rumors And News – All About The Upcoming iPhone Release

    iPhone 8 is going to be the Apple’s release on iPhone’s 10th anniversary and will expectedly be amongst us during next fall. The new iPhone is expected to come equipped with great new features and a revamped design and many are still curious as to what these changes are going to be. Here we have detailed all the iPhone 8 rumors, news and updates floating around about the upcoming iPhone from Apple. Let’s start with some of the iPhone 8 news.

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    iPhone 8 Rumors and News

    There have been many news breaks of late about the upcoming iPhone and here we have detailed all of them starting from the latest iPhone 8 Rumors.

    1. 3 OLED iPhones Expected To Debut In 2018 –Nikkei, 6th July 2017

    As reported by Nikkei, Apple has plans to release 3 new OLED iPhones next year. As of now, there are iPhone 8 rumors that Apple is working on one of the iPhone models this year and it will feature OLED display.

    There are plans in place to use the latest display technology in all of upcoming iPhones from Apple that will start launching after 2018’s second half.

    1. Facial Recognition Will Be Replacing The Touch ID in iPhone 8 – MacRumors, 3rd July 2017

    In an investors note that MacRumors obtained, it was claimed by Ming-Chi Kuo that upcoming iPhone 8 will not be coming with fingerprint recognition as opposed to previous rumors that suggested TouchID sensors might come embedded in screen. Rather, the new iPhone will have facial recognition features to replace TouchID.

    According to Ming-Chi, as there won’t be support for fingerprint recognition in OLED iPhones then they might rely on the facial recognition features for ensuring security. It is believed that Apple will be really demanding when it comes to 3D sensing quality which will, in turn, increase the hardware production as well as software design difficulties.

    Another claim made by Kuo is that iPhone 8 will offer support for wireless charging and all the three rumored iPhones will come equipped with 5W standard power connector having USB-A-to-Lightning cable. Apple will also be selling wireless charger as separate accessory as well.

    The same thing was reported by Mark Gurman who reports for Bloomberg. According to him, Apple is testing a better security system for its new iPhone expected to release later in 2017. The new system will let users to sign in, launch the secure apps through face scanning, and authenticate payments, among other things. There will be a 3D sensor to power all that. Apple also plans on testing retina scanning for taking the system to the next level.

    The focus is on accuracy and speed of the sensor. It scans the face of the user to unlock the device inside milliseconds. The design allows for using it even when your phone is lying on the table. Currently the feature is in testing phase and might not even be there when the device is released. The intent, however, is that the fingerprint scanner should be replaced, as told by the source. But the spokesman from Apple refused to comment on this.

    couple talking and drinking coffee


    The report from Gurman further says that Apple’s 120 Hz ProActive displays are under tests for the upcoming iPhone 8.

    1. Touch ID Might Go Underneath The Screen – Digitimes, 26th May 2017

    There have been rumors going around on where the Touch ID is going to be placed in the upcoming iPhone 8. Though it is desirable to put it under front glass by embedding it inside the display, but there are also iPhone 8 rumors suggesting that Apple will have to settle down for back of the device for accommodating Touch ID or just lose it altogether.

    According to Digitimes, a rumor site that often goes accurate, Apple will be using optical fingerprint sensor for enabling direct on-screen authentication. Furthermore, the upcoming iPhones are expected to feature hidden infrared image sensors for enabling AR apps and for enhancing high-pixel camera.

    1. How New iPhone 8 Will Appear –Gear India, 5th May 2017

    Earlier in May, rendered videos and images of the prototype of upcoming iPhone 8 were leaked online at Gear India website. Apparently, it seems that that’s very close to the upcoming model that will be shipped by Apple.

    Various prototype designs are being tested currently by Apple for upcoming iPhone. And for that for that very reason it would be hard to say if these renders will be featured in final design or not. However, it is still very much possible that the iPhone 8 design that will be finally released is quite close to what has been shown by Gear India. Only minor differences can be expected. Where the sensors will be placed is not yet confirmed also. Same is the case with front fascia camera lenses.

    The apparently conflicting iPhone 8 rumors suggest that the final design hasn’t yet been decided and we might have something different to what is currently being rumored.

    What Apple Will Call Its Next iPhone?

    The company has been following a certain pattern since 2010 and according to that the iPhone 7 that was released in 2016 is to be followed by iPhone 7s in 2017. However, as we have 10thanniversary of iPhone in 2017 then something different might be expected.

    As said earlier, we have had a certain pattern that is being followed over the years but then any pattern can be changed and, obviously, it’s up to Apple what they want to call their next iPhone be it Apple Phone, iPhone Pro, iPhone 8 or whatever else for that matter.

    As the rumors are afloat that we’ll be having a completely new design for the upcoming iPhone, it is very much on the cards that Apple skips iPhone 7s and moves directly to iPhone 8. And, as it will be exact 10 years ever since the iPhones were first introduced, we might expect an iPhone X coming up.

    As stated on Macotakara, this upcoming iPhone may have a new name that we haven’t had before and will be called “iPhone Edition”. It is also possible for the new phone to be introduced after iPhone 7s as well as iPhone 7s Plus and all these phones might be launched simultaneously.

    But still, the phone is generally referred to as iPhone 8.

    Is iPhone 8 Plus On The Cards Too?

    Many are asking that if the new iPhone is going to be iPhone 8 then will there be and iPhone 8 Plus introduced later too? Well, that’s probably not the case.

    We’ll already be getting completely new design with iPhone 8 and we might have a Plus sized phone as far as the display is concerned.

    iPhone 8 Release Date

    iPhone 8 Release Date-iPhone 8 Rumors And News - All About The Upcoming iPhone Release


    Though there were rumors floating around previously that the new iPhones will be delayed, a new report from Digitimes suggests that after their introduction in September, all the three new iPhones are going to be launched this October. Though delayed a bit as compared to yesteryears, actual production is expected to go as scheduled.

    Ever since the introduction of iPhone 5, Apple announces all new iPhones at special events that they conduct during first half of September. Here are the release dates of previous iPhone models.

    • iPhone 5 release date: September 12, 2012
    • iPhone 5s release date: September 10, 2013
    • iPhone 6 release date: September 9, 2014
    • iPhone 6s release date: September 9, 2015
    • iPhone 7 release date: September 7, 2016

    Just like that, Apple has been shipping all the new iPhone models on second Friday after the launch event. One exception to that, however, was iPhone 6s that shipped on third Friday. Let’s take a look at shipping dates of all models since iPhone 5.

    • iPhone 5 shipping date: September 21, 2012
    • iPhone 5S shipping date: September 20, 2013
    • iPhone 6 shipping date: September 19, 2014
    • iPhone 6s shipping date: September 25, 2015
    • iPhone 7 shipping date: September 16, 2016

    Obviously, past patterns tend to indicate what is going to happen in future. However, things are bound to change and they can change anytime. It is also possible for Apple to follow their strategy or logistics needs here.

    According to Brian White – analyst at Drexel Hamilton –pre-orders for the upcoming iPhones will start during September. iPhone 8 shipping might be delayed for several weeks because of the issues popping up with 3D sensor tech.

    Timothy Arcuri, the Analyst from Cowen & Company, is not inline with the report from White and his investigation suggests that it’s low yields of Touch ID that are causing the delay rather than 3D sensor problems.

    As for 5.8” OLED iPhone, the major issue still is the integration of under-glass sensor for fingerprint scanning into display and due to that the yield rate of AuthenTec solution is quite low at present and AAPL doesn’t seem to go with products from other vendors.

    According to Arcuri’s theory the delays could be avoided if Apple chooses to ditch Touch ID completely or move it to the back side of casing. But it seems that Apple will stick to what it’s doing and continue to delay and bring in small quantities as it moves forward.

    Though not so common but it has happened in the past with iPhone 7 Jet Black model. And, according to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, we might not even get a go at iPhone 8 until October or even November this year. And, for KGI, major hardware upgrades are the reason behind iPhone 8 delays. Some of these upgrades include customized OLED display, newly designed 3D Touch module, 3D sensing cameras and customized A11 10-nanometer SoC.

    According to Kuo the result of this production ramp-up delay would be serious supply shortages which can be expected to persist for some time even after introduction of new models in September. Though he still believes that the iPhones will be there in September but he also thinks of a big possibility that the launch might be delayed.

    Well, to be honest, such rumors always accompany the release of new iPhone models and while sometimes we actually have these delays, just like in case of iPhone 7Plus, they usually do not go beyond that September launch time that Apple is following of late.

    However, as Apple is going to introduce lots of cutting edge features in upcoming iPhone 8, we can’t be so sure about a certain timeline for the launch of new smartphone.

    iPhone 8 Design – What’s Coming Up?

    iPhone 8 Design – What’s Coming Up-iPhone 8 Rumors And News - All About The Upcoming iPhone Release.


    According to an article on DigiTimes, all the three iPhones that are expected to be released in 2017 will have bodies made out of reinforced glass and they will all be fitted in metal frames. iPhone 7s as well as iPhone 7s Plus will come in aluminum frames and iPhone 8 will have a frame made with stainless steel. iPhone 8 will also have AMOLED display while other phones won’t have it.

    Apple always works a few years ahead and even more upcoming models might also be in testing/prototyping phase. Sometimes there are several versions of the same thing and some of them are more audacious while others tend to be more conservative. The version that is finally shipped by Apple basically depends on what they can be sure of producing in future considering economics and technology limitations.

    Starting from 2008, Apple has followed a certain pattern of years and in one year it releases new iPhone design and in the next year it makes major enhancements to that phone and takes it to new limits. However, Apple broke the pattern in 2016 with the release of newly designed iPhone 7.

    According to rumors, the upcoming major redesign for iPhone is really going bring a dramatic change as there won’t be as much bezel around the iPhone’s sides, top and bottom. Besides, it will introduce the virtualized buttons as well. Other reports say that the new iPhone will have glass body, both front and the back, and there will be stainless steel or aluminum frame around its edges.

    The reports from ETNews, on the other hand, say that iPhone 8 is going to have glass casing alongside water drop design.

    Sonny Dickson, a well-known leaker, has also shown off the possible schematic featuring new iPhone 8 in which metal back can be seen alongside Touch ID sensor mounted on the back. This report is, however, in conflict with a past report of Bloomberg which said new iPhone 8 will have glass body and stainless steel frame.

    Benjamin Geskin has also posted iPhone 8 dummy mockup on Twitter that matches various rumors floating around. Particularly, it matches the one that says Touch ID will be put under the glass and will remain on front.

    Another such dummy was unveiled through 9to5Mac where several photos compared its size with iPhone 7 Plus.

    Is Touch ID Going To Back Of New iPhone Like In Android?

    Is Touch ID Going To Back Of New iPhone Like In Android-iPhone 8 Rumors And News - All About The Upcoming iPhone Release-


    In case of removing that bottom bezel, Apple will have to either remove or change the current Touch ID sensor. As it appears, Apple is looking to continue with Touch ID on front and it is likely to go underneath the display. If that happens, it would be the ideal solution considering that we already have virtual Home button in iPhone 7.

    If you talk about Galaxy S8 from Samsung, it was also destined to have the same mechanism but the company had to reroute their plans as they couldn’t make that technology work. They were forced to put it on back.

    We can expect Apple to go uninterrupted with their plans but still there is a minutest possibility of that same sort of compromise. That’s probably the reason why there several suggested schematics floating around for iPhone 8.

    iPhone 8 Color Options That We’ll Expectedly Have

    We are expecting Apple to come up with new finishes for the 2017 iPhone models.The upcoming iPhone is expected to be introduced in RED which is going to be a special edition finish.

    With that being said, it is possible for Apple to come up with anything they want anytime and new colors are no exception. The company released its Watch Series 2 in white ceramics which made people excited and they started believing that iPhone 8 might also be released in same material and color. Tough it is tougher compared to stainless steel but we’ll have to wait and watch how it performs on a bigger device like iPhone/iPhone Plus.

    However, Greg Koenig from Luma Labs thinks of it as quite unlikely as he shared his thoughts at Atomic Delights. He was of the opinion that Apple isn’t just not using the ceramics manufacturing tech anymore in new edition of Apple Watch,they don’t even plan to use that primary patent on which all the discussion in a Quora article was made. According to him, Edition watch makes use of a regular pressed powder forming mechanism. He further summarized that ceramic Watch doesn’t just cancels out any possibilities of ceramic iPhone, it’s an indication that Apple is not after the use of ceramics in iPhones anytime soon.

    iPhone 8 Specs Unveiled

    According to latest claims made by an analyst from Goldman Sachs, iPhone 8 is going to be released in 128GB models and 256GBmodels. The former of the two will be priced at $999 while the latter will be priced at $1099.

    Ever since the introduction of SoCchips back in 2010, all the iPhones now come with new A-series chipset. So, if that pattern is carried on with, we can expect iPhone 8 to come with the A11 processors. New SoC often use better processes which make them powerful and quicker and even better when it comes to energy efficiency.

    Apple devices are also coming with coprocessors which take care of motion voice activation alongwith big.LITTLE A10 fusion chip. Talking about A11, it is expected to build further on the capabilities discussed here and will be expected to implement machine learning and artificial intelligence at silicon level.

    When it comes to Apple’s custom CPUs, we have had Swift, Cyclone, Typhoon and Twister. What could be next? Maybe Tropical Storm? Or Hurricane? Even there are iPhone 8 rumors that the company is working currently on the custom GPUs as well, and even on modems, and as a result they’ll have complete control over everything from radios to graphics. Recent reports suggest that Intel will supply some modems, at least, for the iPhone lineup coming this year.

    Will There Be A Smart Connector Similar To That In iPad Pro?

    As it goes with Apple, they usually introduce a technology in a particular device and afterwards that technology is rolled out across all of the Apple devices. It’s pretty evident with Retina in iPhone 4 as well as Touch ID that came with the iPhone 5s.

    They introduced Smart Connector in iPad Pro that came in fall 2015. It attaches with the help of a magnet to run data, power and ground from your device directly. As of now, the connector is used with Smart Keyboard as well as that from Logitech and we expect more to come in future as well.

    It is very much on the cards for Apple to introduce Smart Connector in iPhone 8 as well. However, the question here is that what that connector would do in the new iPhone. A small-sized Smart Keyboard was introduced by Apple for 9.7” iPad Pro and whether we’ll have something even smaller for iPhone 8 or not is yet to be seen.

    The Verifier, however, confirms that iPhone 8 is going to feature Smart Connector as well and it could be used for charging and VR/AR features.

    iPhone 8 Display – Are We Expected To Get More HD Display Now?

    It’s been a long time since 2014 that Apple has not made any upgrades to resolution of its iPhone devices. That being said, the iPhones are definitely less desirable devices available when it comes to VR and even when you do some spec comparisons they aren’t as competitive as others out there. However, Apple’s focus has been on energy efficiency as we haven’t yet have OLED panels in these devices and they come with typical LCD displays.

    However, rumors are still afloat that there could be a resolution bump this time around and in 4.7” iPhone we’ll have 1920x1080pxand in 5.5” model we’ll have 2560x1440pxresolution.

    Though we have heard that OLED will be there as well but currently they are using LED component from LCD system for implementing pressure-sensitive 3D Touch. So, we’ll have to wait and watch if Apple chooses to re-engineer that thing or they’ll skip ahead once more to quantum dot maybe.

    The Korea Herald reports that any OLED versions that are expected to come will have plastic body and will also be curved models, as compared to glass used on the flat panels.

    In addition, we had DCI-P3 wide color gamut in iPhone 7that came from 9.7” iPad Pro but it lacked True Tone. A source on MacRumors, however, suggested that Apple is of the view that upcoming iPhone will ship with True Tone display. True Tone makes use of a couple of ambient light sensors, each having 4 channels, for measuring color temperature in the surroundings and matches display color to the measured temperature then.

    Do We Have A Waterproof iPhone 8 On The Cards?

    Let’s first take a look back at iPhone 7 which is a water resistant device but it is not completely water proof and comes with an IP67 rating. The phone can survive those accidental splashes and dunks but is not considered as reliable as other competing smartphones around when it comes to its water resistance capabilities.

    Even though it doesn’t sound sensible to take a swim with your iPhone in pocket, but if your pastime or job requires you to go underwater, like in case of underwater photography done at shallow depths, you’d need your phone to be waterproof. And, IP68 rating of new iPhone 8 will definitely make you excited as claimed by The Korea Herald.

    Will There Be Support for Wireless Charging In iPhone 8?

    Nikkei Asian has recently reported that one of the assembly partners of Apple, Wistron, has come up with claims that one of the upcoming iPhones, at least, will have better water resistance capabilities and will feature wireless charging as well.

    Until the mid of 2015, wireless charging was not possible on smartphones having metal back. And, as Apple chose to replace glass body from iPhone 4/iPhone 4s with aluminum in iPhone 5 and the models to follow, it meant introducingwireless charging was not possible for them.

    However, now with the introduction of methods that make induction through the metals possible, Apple is likely to stick to its aluminum backs and still provide wireless charging capabilities.Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI securities has reported that all the 2017 iPhones are expected to feature wireless charging; and iPhone 8 is also expected to have thin graphite sheet that will protect the 3D Touch sensor against heat that will be produced during wireless charging.

    There are also rumors about Apple working on something called resonant inductive coupling through which it will be possible to charge device even at some distance – increasing distance will, however, decrease efficiency. But it will take time for such technology to come through.

    So, that’s all we have about the upcoming iPhone 8 – probably a lot. But still these are news and iPhone 8 rumors and we can’t confirm anything until some Apple official takes the stage with a brand new iPhone 8and waves it to the public.

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