iPhone 8 Rumors And News – What We Know So Far About Apple’s Flagship iPhone

    There are quite a lot of rumors and news that we’ve got to hear about upcoming iPhone 8 during last few months. Now everything is getting confirmed to a large extent and we can very much say what the new big iPhone release will be like and which of those iPhone 8 rumors were true. Nevertheless, September is just around and we won’t have to wait too long for putting our hands at the new major release from Apple at the 10th anniversary of iPhones. Among the many things that iPhone 8 is expected to come with, we’ve tried to cover a few major changes that will ship with the new iPhone. Let’s go through them in detail.

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    Let’s Take A Look At Some iPhone 8 Rumors And News

    So, let’s not keep you waiting and check out some of the latest iPhone 8 news and rumors.

    Facial Recognition AKA ‘Pearl ID’ Replacing Touch ID

    Facial Recognition AKA ‘Pearl ID’ Replacing Touch ID-iPhone 8 Rumors And News - What We Know

    One of the exciting new features that Apple is expected to release with iPhone 8 is Facial Recognition. Apple is calling it ‘Pearl ID’ and it will be the new mechanism that will be used for unlocking and security purposes. There are reports that Apple will not be sporting Touch ID anylonger and the new iPhone will get rid of it and ‘Pearl ID’ will come as its replacement. One possible reason for getting rid of Touch ID might be the change in design as Apple has now opted for an end-to-end display for the new iPhone which leaves no room behind for the physical Home button which used to house the Touch ID sensors. As for the facial recognition features, Apple is expected to come up with a sophisticated technology that will even work when the phone is lying flat on a surface. So, something really exciting is coming to the iPhone.

    Body And Design Changes

    The body of the new iPhone 8 will see a change in terms of material used in it. We can expect to have a glass back for the new iPhone. In fact, it will be glass-and-steel body to replace the previous aluminum models.And, the reason why Apple has chosen for introducing glass back in the iPhones is probably because it will pave way for wireless charging that is also expected to come with this new iPhone.

    As for the design, Apple plans on removing those top and the bottom bezels and the new iPhone will come with end-to-end display, as mentioned earlier. The screen might come with a little notch right at its top for accommodating front-facing cam as well as other sensors. And with this notch, we might see a split, interactive status bar in the new iPhone too.

    OLED Display With A Bigger Screen Size

    There are some authentic iPhone 8 rumors floating around for quite some time that suggest new iPhone to feature a bigger screen and OLED display. The display size that we expect to have for Apple’s flagship iPhone is 5.8”. The biggest that we have on market right now is 5.5” display of iPhone 7 Plus, but Apple plans on taking it even further. And this bigger display size is exactly what Apple has introduced a bezel-less design for.



    Coming to the OLED part, Apple has now decided to bring something thatSamsung is already offering and give its customers something far better than the old LCD displays. These new OLED displays will also come with better resolution as well and according to what the iPhone 8 rumors suggest, the resolution for these displays is going to be 2436×1125. And, it is a lot better compared to what we had in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

    What Camera Improvements Will Be There?

    What Camera Improvements Will Be There-iPhone 8 Rumors And News - What We Know So Far About

    There are rumors that the new iPhone will debut with a dual rear-cam setup. Both these cameras will sport optical image stabilization. There are some other improvements made to cameras as well in the bid to allow for Augmented Reality apps to work perfectly fine on the new phone. Another new thing that you’ll find in iPhone 8 Camera is the “SmartCam” mode that will adjust settings according to conditions to offer better photo quality. The video recording will get better as well with the release of new iPhone as the cameras used will offer support for 4k videos at 60fps and this frame rate will be offered by both front and rear cams as well. So, the camera in iPhone 8 is really coming up with a long list of new features and improvements.

    Processor and Battery Life

    Processor & Battery Life-iPhone 8 Rumors And News - What We Know So Far About Apple's Flagsh

    There are also news floating around that Apple will be introducing some incremental upgrades as well with the release of new iPhone 8. Crucial to user experience, Apple will be coming up with a better, faster A11 processor chip that will definitely improve device’s performance manifolds. The new iPhone is also expected to feature a bigger battery as well. And no matter if there will be a bigger battery or not, Apple has definitely worked things around for improving battery life compared to its previous iPhone models. Also, A11 processor and the OLED display already make up for an energy-efficient device. So, no matter what kind of battery iPhone 8 users get, they will surely be able to enjoy a lot better battery life on their new device.

    What About The Price?

    There are so many analyst predictions as well as iPhone 8 rumors floating around about this subject as well. Obviously, pricing is important and everyone wants to know how much they need to save in order to get their hands on the new iPhone as soon as it hits the market.

    couple talking and drinking coffee


    The iPhone 8 is expected to get a major hike in terms of price as compared to previous iPhone models on the market and it may even go over $1000 mark. There are also some iPhone 8 rumors that suggest the new iPhone will be priced somewhere between $850 and $900 – even that is higher compared to $769 starting price of iPhone 7 Plus. However, the prices are in line with the Galaxy S8 plus of Samsung. So, the final price is not out yet and we’ll have to wait until the September release of the new iPhone to find out what it will be priced.

    What Is The Apple’s Flagship iPhone 8 Release Date?

    Though nothing has been confirmed yet about the release date of the Apple’s major product this year, we might still have better sense of the timing of this launch. As of now all the pointers and iPhone 8 rumors suggest that the launch will be on same schedule that Apple followed with previous iPhone releases. So, this makes for a mid-September launch while the orders will be starting late in September. There’s a report of The Korea Herald, however, that suggests the release of new iPhone 8 might be delayed and it may take until November for the new iPhone to hit the market. The report cited a few sources from the supply chain that claimed the new iPhone is still under scrutiny for some technical and design issues.

    So, Apple is playing a lot with its next big release – the iPhone 8. There are quite a few changes made to the design and there are improvements made to offer better performance and user experience as well. Nevertheless, the new iPhone is going to be something special from Apple on the 10th anniversary of iPhones. So, stay tuned, keep an eye on the latest iPhone 8 rumors and wait until the new iPhone is out and about to get the taste of latest from Apple.

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