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    Whenever a new iPhone model is expected to release, there is usually lots of information in the air and rumors and reports keep floating around. Sometimes we find that the information we have had was nothing but conjecture and didn’t have anything to do with the reality. On the other hand, there is other information that is based on pure research and confirmed by some inside sources and is quite accurate. The recent one out there is the report from Ming-Chi Kuo who belongs to KGI Securities, and most of her claims often prove to be spot on. And, her latest report detailed a few things about iPhone 8 wireless charger, Touch ID situation, etc.

    Kuo’s Report On iPhone 8 Wireless Charger, Touch ID, OLED Panel, etc….

    iPhone 8 Wireless Charger
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    Though the research from Kuo suggested that iPhone 8 is not going to ship with fingerprint detection but there is some added information floating around as well. According to what we had heard first, there was some sort of confusion in the wording and it suggested that Touch ID sensor wouldn’t be embedded into Home button underneath OLED panel and it wasn’t clear that if the new iPhone will feature Touch ID or not. However, with a latest update, things have got pretty clear now.

    According to the new clarification, as OLED iPhone isn’t going to offer support for fingerprint recognition, it is assumed that it might rely on the facial recognition for ensuring security. It is also believed that Apple will be quite demanding as far as 3D sensing quality is concerned and is, therefore, increasing difficulties of software design and hardware production.

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    So, as it appears, Touch ID fingerprint detection is not going to be there anymore in the upcoming iPhone 8 and we may have an advanced and better security feature in facial recognition with the support of 3D depth sensing features of front cam.

    In the report, it is also predicted that iPhone 8 is going to be shipped with standard 5W adapter having USB-A which currently accompanies iPhones as well. According to Kuo, the new hardware that we are soon going to have will feature integrated DRAM for improving speed by almost 15% so that augmented reality feature works seamlessly on all the devices.

    Kuo’s report also suggests support for WPC standard for wireless charging in all three 2017 iPhones from Apple. The iPhones will also feature metal frames and glass bodies for facilitation purposes. However, the iPhone users will be able to get this feature with additional iPhone 8 wireless charger which they’ll have to buy separately.

    Also, the iPhone 8 wireless charger that we’re talking about here is expected to ship later and may not be released with the new iPhone itself.

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