Use This Wonderful iPhone Case To Add A Backlit LED Apple Logo On The Back Of Your Device

Use This Wonderful iPhone Case To Add A Backlit LED Apple Logo On The Back Of Your Device

If there’s one thing which you might miss from the old-fashioned MacBook line, it is that light-up glowing Apple logo which instantly used to announce to everyone that you were a Mac owner.

That glowing logo also used to work as a wonderful small nightlight if you were working on it with your room’s lights off. Alas, Apple doesn’t offer that feature anymore in the recent Macbooks.

Talking about iPhones, they never used to have such a logo of the company. However, it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t have looked great if Apple had offered one. You may already know how you could retrofit this type of logos to your iPhone devices with a mod, and even though that’s not for everybody, arguing with its results is quite difficult. But have you ever thought of buying an iPhone case that could provide similar effects?

Well, we now have a ‘Glowing Backlit LED Case for iPhone’ available and you can buy it to achieve the effect you want to. The case is available online and you can buy it in six different colors with each offering a wonderful light-up logo at the back to envy your friends. You can buy this wonderful case for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and all the other iPhone models going up to the latest iPhone X.  And, believe it or not, you’re surely gonna love it.

This one-of-a kind iPhone case doesn’t just provide the much-needed protection but it also features a beautiful glowing backlit LED logo on its back to give a rocking look that will remind you of the old-gen notebooks from the company that used to have a glowing logo at their back.

There’s a Lightning connector ribbon cable incorporated into the case which plugs into your iPhone’s bottom to supply power to the case. The good thing is that the light automatically switches itself of when you’re not using the device. However, it lights up again when there’s a notification coming your way and that works perfectly if you have a habit of keeping your device face-down all the time.

And, if that’s all not enough to pursue you to make a purchase, there’s an extra 20% discount available to first hundred buyers if they use the promo code SUMMER20OFF at the time of checkout. That’s a huge bargain and you should definitely go for it!