Hiding The Dock On iPhone Plus Models Running iOS 10.3.2 – No Jailbreak Needed

Customizing the Home Screen of your iPhone isn’t the easiest of things that you can do with your iOS device unless you go for a jailbreak. And, it’s a fact that most of the iPhone users are not always receptive to a jailbreak. Well, the good news for iPhone users is that Apple now allows the iPhone users to be able to change their device’s wallpaper whenever they want.

If you have some really awesome wallpaper that you have used on your device, you’d probably like to make it as visible as you can. And, with fewer icons placed on the Home Screen, you can achieve exactly that. But with Dock always there on top, you’d have hard time in making your Home Screen cleaner. But you are lucky enough if you own a Plus model of iPhone. Why? Well, these models have a bug that allows you to hide that Dock on Home Screen of your iOS device, at least, until the phone is restarted next time or the bug is triggered once more.

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This bug, which we are talking about here, can be invoked quite easily any time you may like to do that. And, even if you develop a habit of hiding the Dock and having a clearer Home Screen, re-hiding the dock after restarting your iPhone won’t be a major problem at all. However, as it is just a bug, it is very much possible that Apple can fix it some time soon and you should be ready for that if it happens.

How To Hide The Dock On Your iPhone Plus Home Screen

Here is the simple process of hiding the dock on your iPhone Plus. (Unfortunately, the owners of smaller iPhones can’t have this functionality.)

  1. Drag the Control Center up and turn off the orientation lock.
  2. Switch to Today View that you can find towards left side of Home Screen on your iPhone Plus running iOS 10.3.2
  3. Flip the iPhone Plus to landscape orientation before pressing Home Button immediately.
  4. Be quick to flip the iPhone again to the portrait mode.

Congratulations, as you see your iPhone’s Home Screen, the Dock will not appear at its bottom. One thing worth mentioning here is that you might have to take care of the timing for it all to work perfectly. But if you fail to do so then you will have to do it again and again until it works. Your sure to get it done eventually, however. Also, remember that only the iPhone Plus owners can switch their Home Screen orientation and that’s probably the reason you’ll need to have a larger iPhone to make it work.

Nevertheless, enjoy using a clear home screen on your iPhone Plus running 10.3.2!

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