What iPhone X Event Revealed About iOS 11 From Apple?

Getting excited about new iOS 11 from Apple? You must be if you’ve long been following it ever since its first beta release. So, let’s get things straight and give you everything that we learned about the new iOS from Apple’s iPhone X event on September 12.

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What’s The Latest Revealed About iOS 11 At iPhone X Event?

Lots of hardware announcements were there at new iPhone launch and there wasn’t much new coverage given to iOS 11. However, some interesting facts were revealed about the iOS including the date when it is going to be released officially.

How New iOS Works On iPhone X?

iOS Works On iPhone X

Due to new iPhone X design, a few iOS 11 aspects are prevented from proper functioning, particularly the ones which require Home button. As there isn’t any Home button in iPhone X, Apple representatives told us how a few basic tasks can be accomplished on iPhone X running iOS 11.

Go To Home Screen

If you want to switch to Home Screen from anywhere in iPhone X, all you have to do is swipe up right from screen’s bottom and you’re done. It can be done from inside any of the apps or from lockscreen itself.


For enabling the multitasking feature, just swipe up and hold it for split second right in center of your iPhone screen. It will open display all apps that are running currently in the multitasking mode as usual.

Control Center

In order to activate the iOS 11 Control Center on your iPhone X, you will have to swipe downwards from top-right of your iPhone screen where you have the icons for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the battery life.

Reveal More About The Latest iOS 11

As we have had quite a few betas of iOS 11 so far, a lot of information about the new iOS has already been combed through. On below link you can find out everything else about this new release from Apple.

When Is iOS 11 Going To Launch Officially?

As announced by Apple at the iPhone X event, they will be pushing out official iOS 11 versions to public on September 19th. As of now, we have Golden Master beta versions available to those registered with beta program of Apple.

So, with everything that the iPhone X event revealed about the new iOS 11, you must be getting excited to try it out on your iPhone/iPad right away. Don’t worry, it’s just a few days left now and soon you’ll have access to the latest iOS.

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