iPhone X Running iOS 12 Allows You To Close The Apps With Single Swipe Using Multitasking Switcher

iPhone X Running iOS 12 Allows You To Close The Apps With Single Swipe Using Multitasking Switcher

The WWDC 2018 opening keynote from Apple focused on iOS 12 heavily very much as expected. As it has been usually the case with previous sessions and announcements at WWDC, sometimes little things are not announced on stage but they really grab the public’s attention when they come to the scene. A similar improvement has been introduced with iOS 12 when installed on the latest iPhone X which makes things quite easier when it comes to closing apps from app switcher.

Previous iOS generations, including iOS 11, when installed on the non-iPhone X models, really made it easier to close the apps simply by invoking multitasking App Switcher before swiping he app card upwards for removing it completely from background.

For some unknown reasons, iPhone X came with almost the very same process however it introduced long-press/tap & hold gesture to remove the card by swiping it up. Along with the long-press gesture, a close button was also placed on top corner of app card allowing anyone willing to close the apps by tapping on it to do so.

With latest iOS 12, however, the iPhone X users can now get rid of the old long-press gesture as it’s not there in the workflow to close the apps anymore. Just swiping up from bottom of the screen can now take you into multitasking/app switcher flow where you can directly see all your running app cards which can then be swiped up for completely removing them from that view.

Everyone knows that killing the apps running in the background doesn’t really do any miracles to free up the system resources and it doesn’t even improve the device’s performance. However, if you still have that habit of closing the apps manually and removing them from the background, you can easily do that now on iPhone X running the latest iOS 12.

It is considered better to allow iOS manage the memory resource as well as to kill the apps in background itself whenever it’s necessary. But if that mental niggle constantly exists and prompts you to kill the apps manually, and you never liked that long-press gesture to do so on iPhone X models, the problem will now be solved with the release of iOS 12.

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