iPhone Xs Max – Apple Reveals The Name Of Its 6.5 OLED Flagship

There’s been lots of guessing around and leaking about the 2018 iPhone line from Apple. It’s been long since we have been hearing the rumors that there will be three new iPhones to see the light of the day this year and we’re already getting closer to the announcement on September 12th as we’re getting access to more authentic information online.

Last week, 9to5Mac came up with an image that showed the successor to Apple’s iPhone X and the larger cousin. Now that same site has revealed that they know what Apple will be calling its larger model of the year claiming it to be iPhone Xs Max.

As the replacement for 5.8” iPhone X was to be named as iPhone Xs, everyone was wondering whether they’ll name the bigger device the same as well and the buyers will be given the option to choose the screen size while buying it or there’s going to be some other solution. Some were also of the view that Plus moniker that Apple used to follow in past years would be continued here as well. However, as mentioned above, the sources claim that the biggest iPhone ever will be iPhone Xs Max as far as the naming convention goes.

The publication from 9to5mac says that there are a couple of sources that are also familiar with the marketing plans of Apple and have confirmed this latest naming convention but, obviously, they haven’t confirmed the sources.

It’s hard to decide how much credence this report deserves without having to know the sources first. However, with the publication revealing the name of the device already, it is hard to doubt those sources. Besides, we don’t know for now why Apple might decide to replace the Plus naming convention with Max.

Apple will be coming up with 3 new iPhone models later this month and the names for two of the devices have been confirmed as iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. As for 6.1” LCD display iPhone, it is expected to be named as iPhone 9 which, obviously, differentiates it from other costlier alternatives that have OLED displays incorporated in them.

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