iPhone Xs / Xs Max Unofficial Concept Launch Video Revealed – Watch Now

The day when Apple will be unveiling its 2018 iPhone line is almost upon us and, after lots of speculation, we’re ready to find out exactly what will be on offer. Before the actual launch, however, we’re ready to take a look at a trademark promotional video from Apple as well.

These videos, typically, come with new releases from Apple and are among the best videos for announcement of new stuff from a company. They are full of 3D renders as well as specific lighting that shows the latest devices glorifying all their latest features with specifically selected audio tracks that play on top.

If you have ever witnessed a new iPhone announcement from Apple, you’d know what exactly we’re talking about. However, this time the video doesn’t require you to wait till the day of the announcement as a wonderful concept video has already been shared by those at ConceptsiPhone.

The video that runs for around 90 seconds is a masterpiece from Gunho Lee and it shows us the concept of iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, as they’re probably the new devices that are coming out of Apple. Apart from the names, it appears that the video will offer almost everything there is in the new iPhones, showing them off in their shiny, golden color just as depicted in those images leaked around the web of late. This newly released video will also show how the new iPhones look in silver and black. And, despite the fact that we all love those shiny black smartphones, there’s definitely going to be something that pops out about gold iPhone Xs Max.

So, we’ll get to know what exactly these new iPhones are going to look like and will also be able to take an inside look at these new devices when Apple announces them on 12th of the month. Besides iPhones, we’re also expecting new iPads as well as Apple Watch S4. There are new Macs lined up as well but they’ll probably be released at some other event most likely in October.

video source: youtube .com