2018 iPhones Might Feature Edge-To-Edge Displays Similar To iPhone X But With A Different Technology

    There are reports coming from the Wall Street Journal that 2018 iPhone line from Apple is expected to come with bezel-free design just like iPhone X, but with a different technology. As of now, the iPhones are expected to come with LCD screens instead of featuring OLED technology that Apple used with its 2017 high-end release.

    The publication states that Apple is up for acquiring the technology that’d enable the use of LCD screens even in the devices with super-thin bezels for which the use of OLED screens was inevitable previously.

    These will be the advanced displays that need smaller borders compared to 1mm in OLED displays of today and are referred to as “Full Active LCD Screens”. Comparing them to iPhone’s LCD displays of today, the current hardware requires several millimeters borders and can’t be curved as well.

    The reports suggest that Apple has shown interest in making a deal with Japan Display for buying advanced LCD displays for their next year’s iPhones. And, people from the companies working with Japan Display say that Apple’s interest is in Full Active LCDs.

    The best part about displays which that are curved easily is that it allows for connectors and other such stuff to be hidden underneath the surface, just like Apple demonstrated with the display of iPhone X at the iPhone launch event. It also allows for an almost bezel-less design, exactly what iPhone X was able to achieve with the OLED configuration and iPhone 8 models couldn’t feature because of a different display.

    In fact, this difference in design actually differentiates two iPhones big time, and if the news we’re talking about here is to be believed then the iPhones that Apple will release next year can all be expected to come with bezel-free design.

    iPhone X, the very first iPhone that manages to break-free from those big borders around the display, will be available for sale from 3rd of November starting at $999. With pre-orders beginning October 27th, it’s expected to be high in demand.

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