iTunes Trailers – How To Still Download Them With Functionality Discontinue By Official Website

23. iTunes Trailers - How To Still Download Them With Functionality Discontinue By Official Website

iTunes Trailers is the official video trailers service from Apple that brings high quality video trailers of the latest upcoming movies and popular TV shows to Apple’s audiences. The service gained huge popularity ever since its arrival and people used this service not just to stream high quality video trailers but also to download them. So, if you want to download latest iTunes trailers, read on and you’ll find out.

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Can You Still Directly Download iTunes Trailers?

Well, by late May this year you could find the option of streaming as well as downloading iTunes Trailers when you visited the Movie Trailers website of Apple. Besides, selecting a trailer to watch gave you the option of viewing it in different resolutions up to 1080p.

However, after May the option is no longer available. Though Apple may still allow downloading for the trailers which predate this change, but nothing of that sort is offered for trailers that are added afterwards. Along with that, Apple also removed the option of viewing 1080p trailers and the highest video quality you get now is 720p.

Some might be alright with these changes but many are not. So, what options do they have? Is it possible for them to still be able to download iTunes Trailers? Probably Yes! The answer follows below.

How To Work Things Around And Download iTunes Trailers?

As mentioned earlier, you can still download iTunes Trailers whenever you like. However some effort and a bit of luck may be needed for this workaround. Trailers can still be downloaded from servers of Apple but we can’t really ensure that this workaround will exist for long. However, it’s working currently. So, here is what you need to do.

  1. Go to iTunes Movie Trailers website and browse to the web page of trailer that you have to download. For instance, if you want to download trailer for Prisoners movie then go to select the URL
  2. Copy this URL from address bar of the browser. Put this URL in some text editor like Notepad and alter it as mentioned below:
    1. Change /trailers/ to /movies/
    2. Now that’s where your luck has to back you. You’ll have to add name of .mov file of the desired trailer at end of this altered URL. Even though there is no sure shot way to find that out but some guesswork would do here. Typically, it’s the name of movie that appears in URL but there is an extension to it like mov. In case if several trailers are available for the same movie then you might have to add certain number after that tlr in the extension. In that case, the above URL would become something like
  3. Now copy this altered URL
  4. Open QuickTime Player now
  5. Go to File menu and select Open Location. A text box will appear, just paste altered URL there
  6. Now click on Open button and if your luck favors you then your trailer will begin now
  7. As soon as movie starts in the QuickTime Player, select Export command to save it

So, that’s how exactly you can save iTunes Trailers. Another important thing to mention here is that the example above uses 720p for video quality but you can use 1080p here as well. It works sometimes as well and if it does then you will be able to get the best quality trailers for your desired movies or TV shows to download. If you consider that same above example, your final URL would become something like for 1080p. Just try your luck, who knows it may work for you as well.

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