How To Get Rid Of Kodi Cache On 17.6 Krypton

    Has it ever happened to you that you were watching your favorite movie on Kodi media player and were interrupted by ‘out of cache’ message popping up on the screen? Yes, that happens to just about everyone and also at a time when we expect it the least. So, how can you continue watching your movies on the Kodi media player without any kind of interruptions whatsoever?

    Well, here we have discussed a couple of options step-by-step to help you get rid of the issue.

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    Clear/Tweak Cache With Ares Wizard

    The first option requires you to use Ares Wizard to clear your Kodi Cache or tweak it around. The process given below should be followed after installing Ares Wizard repository on Kodi. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

    1. Go to the menu labeled Program Add-ons on Kodi and launch the Ares Wizard from there. Next, choose Tweaks option from there. After that, select Advanced Settings Wizard that appears in initial options.
    2. You will now see a big disclaimer from Ares Wizard utility and it’s recommended that you read all of it. Once done, click on Next and then click on Generate Settings. This will automatically create settings for your Kodi Cache.
    3. Now go to Video Cache Size slider that is present above all the sliders that you can see on the page. Slide to extreme left to minimize cache size. When you’re ready, select the option labeled ‘Apply these Settings’ and then confirm by clicking OK.
    4. Finally, restart Kodi so that the changes can be implemented.

    Clear Cache With Simply Caz Wizard

    Same as above, even this method needs you to install Simply Caz Wizard repository first on Kodi and then you can proceed with the steps given below.

    1. Go to Program Add-ons menu and choose Simply Caz Wizard there.
    2. Now find (Simply Caz) Maintenance option and select it.
    3. Next, select the option labeled Cleaning Tools.
    4. Now, the next part is quite straightforward as you have to click on Clear Cache option prior to confirming your action in the popup that shows on the screen.

    That’s all! Going any of the routes described above will take you to a safe and uninterrupted Kodi experience while watching your favorite media.

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