Latest iOS 10.2 Tweaks Revealed –Lockscreen XI, Modern, Selectmoji And More

It has been a long time since we are having jailbreaks and the community of jailbreak developers has grown exponentially ever since. There are some wonderful jailbreak tweaks that roll out every day with developers working hard on such projects and users anxiously waiting for the new tweaks to arrive in the market. However, despite all that influx of jailbreak tweaks, it is never the simplest of things to find the best iOS 10.2 tweaks out there.

Here we have described some of the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 10 available from Cydia and most of the jailbreak freaks will definitely love to have these tweaks installed on their devices. Some of these tweaks are really wonderful to have and can change your iOS experience altogether.

Some Latest iOS 10.2 Tweaks

Let’s take a look at our list of latest iOS 10.2 tweaks that have been revealed recently.

  1. Modern

Modern- Latest iOS 10.2 Tweaks Revealed - Lockscreen XI, Modern, Selectmoji And More

Modern is a paid jailbreak tweak that you can buy for $1 from the BigBoss repository on Cydia. As the name suggests, the tweak gives your iOS device a new, modern look when it comes to widgets and notifications.

  1. Lockscreen XI

Lockscreen XI- Latest iOS 10.2 Tweaks Revealed - Lockscreen XI, Modern, Selectmoji And More

If you are a fan of the latest passcode and music controls view on lockscreen in iOS 11 then this is one of the iOS 10.2 tweaks that has got you covered. You can enjoy the very same on your iOS 10 device only for $0.99. Just download lockscreen XI jailbreak tweak to your iOS 10 device and enjoy the same functionality.

  1. Ventana

Ventana- Latest iOS 10.2 Tweaks Revealed - Lockscreen XI, Modern, Selectmoji And More

Ventana jailbreak tweak is getting popular with every passing day. If you like to have the lockscreen look of Windows 10 right on your iOS 10 device then this is the tweak you should go for. Ventana gives your iOS 10 lockscreen a whole new look that you’ll definitely cherish if you are a fan of Windows 10lockscreen. It is also available on BigBoss repository from Cydia and can be downloaded for $1.99 only.

  1. Selectmoji


Selectmoji- Latest iOS 10.2 Tweaks Revealed - Lockscreen XI, Modern, Selectmoji And More

Yet another of paid iOS 10.2 tweaks, Selectmoji is available on BigBoss repository for only $1. It is an interesting tweak for the jailbreak iOS 10 users that allows them to select which emojis will appear in Frequently Used section of their emoji keyboard. So, it eliminates the need for hunting down desired emojis all the time as they appear right in front of your eyes as you switch to the emoji keyboard.

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  1. NotifyWifi 10



NotifyWifi 10 is available for $0.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repository. You can stay alert withNotifyWifi 10as soon as your device disconnects from or connects to some Wifi network. The jailbreak tweak even offers support for whitelisting and blacklisting of different Wifi networks and allows you to browse the internet in the safest possible manner.

  1. StyloPowerDown

StyloPowerDown- Latest iOS 10.2 Tweaks Revealed - Lockscreen XI, Modern, Selectmoji And More

Many of the iOS users often complain about the uninteresting experience they face while powering down their iOS device. Well, StyloPowerDown addresses that issue and changes the way you power down your device altogether. The tweak gives some basic functionality such as sliding to opt for safe mode or shutdown the iPhone. This is another of the iOS 10.2 tweaks that you can grab from BigBoss repository in Cydia. It comes for only $1.

Choose any of these latest iOS 10.2 tweaks and change the way you used your iOS 10 device. You will definitely have a better experience than ever with these tweaks installed.

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