Learn iMessage Shortcuts For Speeding Up Chat On iPhone

If you are on iMessage and love to stay in touch with your contacts using your iPhone’s native messaging app, then you must be willing to learn some iMessage shortcuts to make the process seamless. And, fortunately enough, there are quite a few shortcuts available to the iMessage users that can help speed up the chatting process on your iPhone. Want to find out what these shortcuts are? Read on and learn how you can better control your iMessage app.

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The iMessage Shortcuts For Speeding Up Chats

Here are the top iMessage shortcuts that iPhone users can use for speeding up the chat process.

  1. Pull To Search

Quite similar to Home Screen pull down function for having access to Spotlight search, it is possible for you to pull down on any mailbox for bringing up mail search. Just start typing to see the messages that match to your search term.

  1. Swipe Back

Swipe Back- Learn iMessage Shortcuts For Speeding Up Chat On iPhone


One more gesture that can be used across the system is swipe back. Whenyou are in a mailbox or message,swiping back will take you to mailbox containing the message or account in which the mailbox itself resides. The gesture comes in handy, particularly, for those having bigger devices.

  1. Timestamps

Timestamps-Learn iMessage Shortcuts For Speeding Up Chat On iPhone

The timestamps do not appear right after you get a message. However, you can take a look at timestamps by swiping from right to left on screen of your device.

  1. Hold To Copy

Hold To Copy- Learn iMessage Shortcuts For Speeding Up Chat On iPhone


Text in messages can’t be selected in same manner as everywhere else in iOS. So, if you have to copy something from a message, you’ll need to copy all of it. For that, you will have to tap & hold on the message and then tap on Copy in pop-up menu.

  1. Multi-Trash/Forward

Multi-TrashForward-Learn iMessage Shortcuts For Speeding Up Chat On iPhone

Though the Messages app doesn’t give you any Edit button, but you still get multi-select mode. Tap a message and hold on it until pop-up menu shows up. In the pop-up menu select More. Now, select your desired messages and select Trash/Forward for deleting or sharing that message.

  1. Save Images

No matter if it is your precious family photo, some magic moment that you really loved, or some animated GIF, you can easily keep all your pictures as well as videos that you receive through the messages app on the camera roll. Simply tap the thumbnail and hold it right there and then select Save in pop-up menu as it shows up.

  1. All Attachments

In Messages, you get to see thumbnails for all the photos/videos that are received. When you tap a thumbnail, it enters into fullscreen. You can swipe to browse through every single photo/video that is there in current conversation. It works pretty much the same like Photos app.

  1. Insta-selfies

If you want to send a video message or a selfie quickly, you’ll have to touch camera icon and hold it. Now swipe up if you want to capture a photo or swipe right if you want to capture a video.

  1. Soundbites

If you want to send audio message quickly using iMessage, tap Microphone icon and hold it. Once your complete message has been recorded, just swipe up and the message will be sent. If you want to cancel the message then swipe left for trashing it.

  1. Delete Conversations

Delete Conversations- Learn iMessage Shortcuts For Speeding Up Chat On iPhone


In case, if you’re looking to trash complete conversation then swipe right-to-left on any item in the list and tap on Delete. It will still be possible for you to send/receive new messages from same contact; however, any old deleted messages will not be available any longer.

  1. Hide Keyboard

Sometimes when you have to respond to a certain message, you often like to take a look at entire message in one go or at least see most of the content. You may want this for referring to a particular part of the content, or you might have forgot the question that you were looking to answer. Regardless of what the reason may be, you just need to tap on the message in question right above your keyboard and then swipe down for hiding it completely.

  1. Read Without “Read”

If you’re using an iPhone 6s having 3D Touch then you can take advantage of peek feature for previewing a particular message without having to trip “read” state. Just go to list view in iMessage and press hard enough on the message that you’d like to preview to take a look at the preview of entire conversation. Just make sure that you do not press it too hard to pop into the message. This will make sure that you know whatever the message sender wants to communicate but they do not know that you’re aware of it.

  1. Contact Quickly

Also, those using iPhone 6s having 3D Touch can be able to use peek feature for quickly pulling up emails, phone options, and FaceTime. All you need to do is to firmly press on profile picture of a contact and then tap the desired option. You can even enter in detailed view for attachments, location, etc. directly from profile pictures as well.

So, these are some of the iMessage shortcuts that you can use with iMessage in order to make chatting easier and also to speed up the entire process. Just use these as you need to make your chat experience with iMessage perfect. If you have any queries, then get in touch in comments section.