Low Cost Version Of iPhone X To Arrive Next Year: Rumors

low cost version of iPhone X

Apple plans to launch a low cost version of iPhone X next year, reports United Daily News. The publication from the Chinese source says that this new device will be available late in 2018 and the codename for the device is “Hangzhou”.

The initial release of iPhone X is still awaited as it will be available from 3rd of November. According to Chinese report, this iPhone model will also get a refreshed codename and will now be referred to as “Lisbon”.

Apple To Launch Low Cost Version Of iPhone X….

It really makes sense to launch an iPhone X that would be less expensive once company’s plans for the entire lineup are taken into consideration. In 2017, iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus take the role of low end models released by Apple. But if Apple is currently working on iPhone X with low price tag then the iPhone’s previous classic design might see an end with its release.


According to reports, the market feels quite optimistic about sales performance of 2018 iPhone and it’s completely understood that iPhone X will be launched next year, and the lineup will be divided into the low-end and high-end products. They’re calling high-end version “Lisbon” and low-end version is codenamed “Hangzhou”.

The rumors about iPhone lineup for 2018 say that there will be two devices with different sizes. The first will be 6.46” while the other is going to have a reasonable 5.28” size.

However, as iPhone 8 is still new and iPhone X hasn’t arrived yet, it’s probably too early to talk about rumors surrounding 2018 iPhone line. So, let’s first enjoy using the current models of iPhone, and wait until the release of low cost version of iPhone X draws near.