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Apple Is Recalling Selective 13” Macbook Pros To Offer Battery Replacement – Here’s How You Can Get One Too

Battery problems are quite a common matter among mobile and computer manufacturing companies and Apple is no different either. Late in the last year we had issues popping up about iPhone batteries and now it’s time for the MacBook Pro. Apple is issuing sort of a recall lately related to selective Macbook Pro models as well.

As claimed by the company, some of its notebook computers might experience different issues like swelling batteries and that’s something not so great happening to computers.

The issue is only coming in 13” non-Touch Bar Macbook Pro models that the company has manufactured from October 2016 to October 2017. And, if you are interested in checking out whether your device is also eligible for a battery replacement, you can go to the official website and check it here. If your machine is among the affected ones, you’re allowed to take it to an Authorized Service Provider or Apple Store to get free battery replacement. And, if that’s not possible for you then you can also mail your computer to Apple as well.

According to the news, Apple has found out that, in a certain number of its 13” Macbook Pro units (non Touch Bar), a component failure might cause expansion of its built-in batter. That’s not some safety issue and eligible batteries will be replaced by Apple for free. All these affected Macbooks were manufactured during October 2016 and October 2017…

It has also been stated that Apple won’t be extending its regular warranty coverage for any of these devices. However, if someone has paid for battery replacement already on these affected macbooks, they can simply get in touch with Apple to get a refund.

This program is expected to continue for 5 years from original date of the release of 13” non-Touchbar Macbook Pro. So, if you do not feel like it’s the right time to get your battery replaced, you can very well delay it and go for it at a later time.

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