New Accessory Introduced To Help Detect Coronavirus And Record Data In An iPad

Folks at the Northwestern University have introduced a new wearable patch which individuals can wear on their neck to be able to detect coronavirus at an early stage.

The said patch then feeds all the data it reads into an iPad for further diagnosis. A report from CNET says that the patch charges itself wirelessly and then transfers the data to an iPad.

wearable patch

All the data is uploaded to a cloud then and professionals check it for ensuring there weren’t any mistakes made along the way.

“Once a day you peel it off and place it on a wireless charger, which triggers the patch to sync its stored data with a nearby iPad. From there the data is uploaded to a HIPAA-compliant cloud where a proprietary AI algorithm examines it for anomalies related to COVID-19. The device has no external parts for power or connectivity, making it easier to disinfect.”

This new patch has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the healthcare workers as it can detect the coronavirus symptoms at an early stage. Breath shortness and coughing are both known to be the COVID-19 symptoms and, therefore, one needs to wear this patch on their neck.

It is not yet clear that if there’s any specific reason why the device establishes a connection to iPads instead of the iPhones. The only understandable explanation could be that the iPads are big-screen devices as compared to the iPhones. Or it could be just that the testing was done with the iPads.