What’s Different In New iOS 11 Airplane Mode

    Though all we have on iOS 11 by now is a couple of beta releases but still there are quite a few handy features that have been introduced to the public. And, many of these were not even disclosed at WWDC keynote event earlier this month.

    Though many of these features weren’t as big but they still prove to be extremely valuable for the end-users. One such thing is the way new Airplane Mode now behaves when turned ON.

    Talking about the previous iOS versions, when Airplane Mode was turned ON it would starve the device of any kind of connectivity whatsoever. There was no Wi-Fi access, data network, carrier connection, or Bluetooth and this translated into stoppage of data transmission with any connected devices like Apple Watch. So, if one had to connect to other devices, for instance, they’d need to turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth manually for continuing while still restricting the carrier access. But with iOS 11, that’s not the issue anymore.

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    When you toggle the Airplane Mode ON from Settings or Control Center or Siri, it leaves both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned ON if you were already using them and they are were set up like that. So, you really don’t have to worry about losing your wireless network connection to Internet by switching to Airplane mode. Same goes for the Bluetooth connections to devices like Apple Watch, AirPods or the Bluetooth headset.

    This feature is just tailor made for you if you often face situations when you have to switch to Airplane Mode but you still want to continue with your device in other ways possible like listening to your favorite music through the wireless headsets or checking your mail over a Wi-Fi connection. Though not one of the major features, it still is quite a handy option to go for in order to make the iPhones more functional and usable. After all, it’s these small tweaks that bring the best in comfort and it won’t be wrong to say that the old behavior of the Airplane Mode was just getting unbearable for many. Though still not made official, as the behavior has only been introduced in the betas by now and may be excluded when the official release of iOS 11 arrives, it’s still worth asking for to stay with the public release of iOS 11.

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