New iPad Pro Expected To Come With USB-C, Low-Price Macbook Coming With Touch ID, ECG Coming To Apple Watch S4

Even with mega Apple event 2018 only a few days away, we’re still getting some new notes and rumors from the analysts which could potentially provide us with some insight into what’s going to be the hottest announcement once the event gets underway.  The latest rumors are from Ming-Chi Kuo, the famous analyst, who has stepped up to give a whole new burst of predictions.

Kuo’s track record with such predictions can’t really be questioned as he’s always ahead of the game when it comes to announcements from Apple. So, whenever there is something new from him, it’s worth listening to. That being said, he has some new revelations to make around various product lines from Apple.

To start it off, we’ve got 6.1” iPhone that, according to Kuo, will be launched anywhere between late September to early October because of some quality issues in display and assembly. The device has become very well-known as iPhone Xc, based on the recent claims from Bloomberg.

Next, talking about iPad Pro, the sources have revealed to him that it’s going to come with Face ID, obviously, while the lightning connectivity will now be switching to USB-C as well. It is believed that Apple plans on an all-new 18W USB-C charger as well which suggests that these rumors may have the legs to bring it to reality. Nevertheless, as of the moment, it’s still nothing more than a wildcard.

The next rumor that Kuo has spread is that low-price Macbook, which has also been in rumors lately, might be revisited MacBook Air. According to Kuo, the device might be the replacement for 12” MacBook that already exists and will include Touch ID but may not have Touch Bar.

Lastly, there comes Apple Watch that is expected to come with the slimmer bezels and there will be support for the ECG tracking feature as well. The entire lineup will also come with ceramic backs while currently the Apple Watches, which do not come with LTE support, make use of composite glass instead.

So, some of all these rumors and news may not be new while the rest are built upon previous rumors which might not have been taken seriously. For example, iPad Pro that is expected to come with the USB-C connectivity can be considered as such a rumor. And, absolutely, it is the one which we have to wait for before it actually arrives to suggest it’s actually on the cards. And, if there is actually a move away from the Lightning connectivity for iPad Pro then we’ll definitely soon see the rest from Apple doing the same.


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