New iPhone 8 Case Gets Leaked, Reveals Vertical Dual-Cam, In-Screen Touch ID And Lots More

    There are quite a few rumors running around about iPhone 8 lately and as the announced date of iPhone 8 release draws near, theserumors are expected to grow in number.

    KK Sneak Leaks has shared an image to their Twitter which they claim to be the first case ever revealed for the upcoming iPhone. The case that has been revealed is similar to many other iPhone cases that are available out there for long but it comes with some key differencesthat nicely tie in with the rumors that we say are floating around lately.

    A rumor that we have been hearing for long is that the new iPhone 8 is going to feature a vertical dual-cam design quite similar to iPhone 7 Plus. However, the cameras are expected to rotate at 90 degrees. Considering the case now that has been leaked for iPhone 8 we are expected to have that change in the camera orientation for the next iPhone.

    New iPhone 8 Case Gets Leaked, Reveals Vertical Dual-Cam, In-Screen Touch ID And Lots More

    Another difference that this new case features is in terms of size of the aperture for Power/Lock button. This time we have it a bit elongated. The positioning of cut-out also seems perfect even though it is longer compared to the one that comes in existing cases.

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    What’s most interesting about this new leaked case for iPhone 8 is that it doesn’t have much space for rear-facing TouchIDsensor which is rumored to feature in the upcoming release. The schematics leaked previously had a space reserved on rear panel to believably adjust that TouchID sensor. But now what we see coming is not the same.

    Apple is currently working to try and put the TouchID into display of the iPhone and they are working on several prototypes concurrently. So, the leak could be accurate and we can expect something like that as the actual iPhone 8 comes to the scene in September.

    So, that’s all for now, we will definitely keep you posted as the new updates or leaks keep coming about the upcoming release of iPhone 8.


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