10 Exciting New Things Introduced In iOS 11

The new iOS 11, announced at WWDC 2017 last week, is expected to come equipped with tons of handy new features. Here we have tried to look at some of the most exciting features of them all that are expected to come this fall. Whether you talk about Do Not Disturb while driving or ARKit or translate feature of Siri, there are a lot of them to be talked about.

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10 Exciting Features Of iOS 11

Here we have 10 exciting new things about iOS 11.

1. ARKit

ARKit-10 Exciting New Things Introduced In iOS 11

ARKit is the set of new APIs that are coming with iOS 11. ARKit actually works with the iPhone/iPad camera and identifies the surfaces all around you with which you can play. Certain objects can be added digitally and they can even interact with the real environment. For instance, a cup placed close to a lamp will change its shadow when moved around. ARKit actually makes you director of the experience you are going to have.

2. Do Not Disturb While Driving

Do Not Disturb While Driving-10 Exciting New Things Introduced In iOS 11

This is one great feature for reducing all those accidents that happen on road just because people are involved in texting as they drive. So, keep your focus on road as you drive and as your phone will be on “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode. The notifications won’t pop up on your lock screen even if there is one. The feature actually recognizes the speed you are going at and prevents notifications accordingly. And even if you touch the black lock screen while driving, you’ll be reminded that you’re driving and must focus on that.

3. Scanning Documents In iOS 11 iPad Feature

Scanning Documents In iOS 11 iPad Feature-10 Exciting New Things Introduced In iOS 11

If you are always in a situation where you need to have a clear image of some important document right away and you get frustrated because you can’t, this one is for you. You can scan documents using your iPad running iOS 11 quite easily now. You can simply scan documents from every angle as you like and can edit, markup or even sign these scanned documents.

4. Siri Translate

Siri Translate-10 Exciting New Things Introduced In iOS 11

Siri has been your personal assistant for quite some time now and it is continuously being improved by Apple. The new iOS 11 will have Siri available in several new languages and it doesn’t sound robotic anymore. Though this much needed update has got a bit late but thankfully it has arrived now.

There is a translation feature incorporated that allows you to ask Siri to translate phrases and questions from Chinese, German, French, Spanish and Italian to English. Apple plans to extend support to more languages in near future as well.

couple talking and drinking coffee


Though not so perfect yet, but if you want to know what dishes a restaurant offers and what are the most popular choices there, Siri will tell you everything you need.

5. Apple Pay With Messages

Apple Pay With Messages-10 Exciting New Things Introduced In iOS 11

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when one of your friends owed you some money but then they make excuses that they can’t e-transfer funds to you just because they don’t know how to do it? However, Apple Pay is now updated and one can now make payments using iMessage effortlessly. Now you just have to use one quick iMessage feature for sending/receiving money in a jiffy. Any money that is received is available on the cash card of your Apple Pay account and allows you to shop online or even send it over to someone else. The feature will be available for all the iOS devices.

6. Editing Live Photos

Editing Live Photos-10 Exciting New Things Introduced In iOS 11

When Apple first introduced Live Photos, it was taken as one great interesting feature. And if you love this iOS feature then here is the new upgrade to make it even more interesting. iOS 11 makes it possible for you to trim, mute, select, loop and rewind your live photos and even do more with them.

You can now also choose the frame that you’d like to be displayed as your photo’s first image as you tap it. Great, isn’t it!

couple talking and drinking coffee


With all these editing features available, the users will still have to wait for being able to use Markups without turning off Live Part in these photos.

7. Updated Control Center

Updated Control Center-10 Exciting New Things Introduced In iOS 11

Now all the features of Control Center will be accessible from just one page. In current iOS version you always have to swipe it to left in Control Center for having access to various things like what you are listening to, song duration, volume, etc. But with iOS 11, there is no need to worry at all about any such thing as everything will be available on a single screen.

The newly updated Control Center lets users control everything they want to from one place, even the features that they previously had to swipe for. The Notification Center and Lock screen have also been redesigned into one. Scrolling up will give you access to the notifications which are normally not available on the lock screen.

8. Smarter Siri

Smarter Siri-10 Exciting New Things Introduced In iOS 11

If you are planning a trip somewhere, you may be willing to get every bit of information about that place. You might want to talk to friends, check travel guides on the internet and go through everything available on the social media.

New, smarter Siri will certainly help you a lot here by suggesting some news articles related to the place you want to visit right within News app on your device. And what if it’s something that are really interested in.

Well, that’s now possible with your smarter Siri in iOS 11. Siri not just offers new translate options, it even understands what you’re up to. It utilizes on-device learning and figures out topics that you might be interested in.

9. HomeKit For Uninterrupted Music

HomeKit For Uninterrupted Music-10 Exciting New Things Introduced In iOS 11

One thing that might irritate you when on a hangout trip with your friends is everyone asking to add their favorite songs to the playlist. Well, there is no need to worry at all about that as HomeKit is now updated and allows everyone to add their desired music to the playlist “Shared Up Next”. So, everyone can be a DJ in his own and decide what songs will play next. The feature can serve you greatly even in parties when everyone loves the DJ to play their favorite songs.

10. Revamped App Store

The app store has also received a thorough makeover with almost everything changed in the new updated version. Apple says it a facelift for the App Store and they have made quite a few changes to it. First thing, a Today tab is added to the screen’s bottom and gives you access to one new app each day as well as specific information about the app and the developers. Then there is Games tab featuring various games. Go through categories, watch videos and check ratings among other things. Finally, the app store has an apps tab as well. In this tab you can be able to find best selling and most popular apps that are present on the app store.

So, do you like any of these new features that our new iOS 11 is expected to come up with? Are these enough or you believe there could be more from Apple with this new iOS version. Share your thoughts with us in comments and let us know what you think of this latest release and the exciting new features that we have shared here!