How You Can Play Music On Your HomePod Over AirPlay With No Internet

    If you are also among those who have thrown their cash out generously to buy the new and gorgeous HomePod from Apple, you’d already be amazed by the quality of music it gives you access to. Besides, its ability to respond even to the quietest of Siri inquiries is simply impeccable as well. Yes, it’s an amazing piece that comes with many unique features that you may not even be aware of. One such feature of the device is that it allows you to receive audio and play it over AirPlay with no internet at all.

    Something that you would love about the HomePod from Apple and most of the company’s products is the ease with which users can be able to use them. It’s easy for most of the individuals to simply unpack Apple’s hardware, connect it to a power source and Wi-Fi, and just start using it without any issues whatsoever. And it gets even better as you realize there are a few things possible which weren’t immediately apparent otherwise, like sending your favorite music to your HomePod from a different device via AirPlay with no internet connection at all.

     How You Can Play Music On Your HomePod

    Yes, that’s very much possible and here are the steps you need to follow for that.

    1. Launch Home app on your trusted iPhone The Home app lets you access all the HomeKit-enabled accessories already with you.
    2. Tap location icon that you can see in top left corner of Home app. It will show up quite a few other options.
    3. In ‘Speakers’ section, select the option labeled ‘Allow Speaker Access’
    4. Some new options will appear now. Select ‘Everyone’ from these options. And, if you’re looking for some better security, turn ‘Require Password’ toggle to On. Enter a new password once prompted.

    That’s It! Now you can play your favorite music on HomePod via AirPlay even when you don’t have access to a working internet connection. So, just establish a peer-to-peer connection between your HomePod and iPhones/iPads or even Macs to start sharing music.

    The critics and analysts might have been hasty in coming to a conclusion that HomePod won’t be a success but if you have one then you might already understand what it is actually capable of. And, we’ve discussed just one trick here and there are many more like this that you can try with your HomePod.

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