Quick Charging Your iPad, iPad Mini And iPad Pro

    Ever since the inception of iPad back in 2010, it has offered support for 10 hours battery backup. However, as the years went by, capacity of the batteries used in different iPad models has seen a dramatic change and it has increased quite a lot. The batteries that are used in 10.5” and 12.9” models are 30.4 watt-hours and 41 watt-hours batteries respectively. Now that’s some real difference that we are talking about here.

    Well, it’s not just the capacity of the batteries that has improved, but there aresome serious improvements made to the charging methods that Apple is employing for the iPads. Though the box still comes with 12W USB Charger that is too slow and takes around 4-5 hours for charging your 12.9” iPad Pro, you can choose to spend a few bucks additionally to have quick-charging support. Even if your iPad doesn’t support quick charging, some good tips are shared here for you to bring the charging time down.

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    Which iPad Models Offer Support For Fast-Charging?

    As of now, the following iPad models offer support for fast charging.

    • iPad Pro 10.5”
    • iPad Pro 12.9” (1st generation)
    • iPad Pro 12.9” (2nd generation)

    All the other iPad models that are available in the market right now are not configured to support USB-C and 29W adapter. But with some workarounds they can also be quick-charged and charging speeds can be improved considerably.

    How To Quick Charge Your iPad?

    If you want to quick charge your iPad and make use of Power Delivery standard of USB-C you’ll need a couple of things. One is the cable and the other is the adapter.

    USB-C To Lightning Cable

    USB-C To Lightning Cable-Quick Charging Your iPad, iPad Mini And iPad Pro

    USB-C adapter can’t be used if you don’t have USB-C to Lightning cable or USB-C to USB-A adapter. When the cable was first released in 2016, its purpose was to connect the Apple peripheral devices to USB-C exclusive MacBooks. However, it can also be used by the iPad users for completely different purposes.

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    Apple sells this cable for $19 but you can also opt for third-party options too. However, remember that only the Apple products can guarantee fast-charging for your iPad and there is no guarantee if the third-party products will serve the purpose or not. So, we’d recommend that you only go with the Apple products.

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    29W USB-C Adapter From Apple

    If you want to fast-charge your iPad Pro, 29W USB-C Adapter plays a key role. Unlike larger adapters that we have with Macbooks, the one for iPads combines amps and voltage needed for efficiently fast-charging an iPad Pro. To be unfortunate, you don’t have this one as part of the package and will need to grab one for $49 from Apple.

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    Note that 61W and 87W adapters from Apple alsogive you that 14.5V/2A output that you need to fast-charge your iPad Pro. But if you consider the price tag, they are a bit on the expensive side.

    29W USB-C Adapter From Apple-Quick Charging Your iPad, iPad Mini And iPad Pro

    Talking about the third-party options that are available, you must not rely on the as is the case with the cable that was mentioned earlier. It may lead you to a situation where you’ll spend money to get zero benefit in the end. The device you’ll buy might not give you the desired amps or voltage at the end of the day. So, it is better to go with a reliable option only and that is the 29W USB-C Adapter from Apple.

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    Tips To Consider For Quick Charging Your iPad

    No matter if you want to quick charge your iPad or iPad Pro and which model you may have, here are some important tips that you can try for improving the charging speed of your device.

    1. Ensure that you have put it to sleep

    Depending on how you use your iPad, this thing might appear to be usual or something you might not even have thought before. But it improves your device’s charging speed quite significantly. When the iPad is on rest, the battery doesn’t drain simultaneously which certainly improves the charging speeds. As the backlight and display are not in use, considerable amount of battery is conserved.

    1. Put your ipad to airplane mode

    When Airplane Mode is enabled on your device, Wi-Fi radio goes to sleep. This thing immediately reduces the load on the battery of your iPad.

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    1. Power Your iPad Off While Charging

    An even better idea for quickly charging your iPad and bringing it back to life pretty soon is to completely turning it off. It is advised that you should charge your iPad when you don’t need to use it and can afford to power it off. It will definitely give a boost to your device’s charging speed.

    1. Keep the use to minimum if you really have to use the iPad while charging

    So, can’t afford to turn your device off? But, can you keep the usage to minimum? If yes, then that’s the way to go. Turn off any unnecessary connections such as Wi-Fi, cellular data or Bluetooth. Kill the apps that are not in use. Turn the brightness of the screen down to a minimum level that allows you to use the device comfortably. Also, avoid using the apps that drain the battery very quickly. Also disable location services as well. All these things can certainly help in the improvement of battery charging speed.

    1. Do not use USB port of your computer or iPhone charger for charging your iPad

    The 5W USB charger that comes with iPhone 7 does a perfect job when it comes to charging your iPhone but it’s useless when it comes to charging the iPads. It works fine only for devices that need 1000mA as compared to 2400mA standard needed by iPad. Your computer’s USB ports do an even terrible job as they offer only 500mA. Though you can charge your device with these options, but the process is going to be too slow.

    So, these are the quick charging options available to you for charging your iPad. Regardless of the model you are using, try these tips to charge your device quickly.


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