How To Quickly Disable Face ID/Touch ID In iOS 11

Apple has got so much of praise for keeping its focus on improving the security of its devices. In recent years, Apple kept security of its devices high with the help of Touch ID and now it has introduced a new Face ID security feature in the latest iPhone X. However, sometimes you are in a situation when you have to disable both these security features. Fortunately, Apple’s new iOS 11 brings such a feature that allows you to disable these security features at your will.

There are instances when someone with malicious intentions forces others to hand over their iPhone to them. With Face ID now available on iPhone X, however, it is very much possible that someone obtains a device and points it at owner’s face to get it unlocked. In a recent email reply, Craig Federighitried to remove this concern, and even though one can close their eyes in the instant when Face ID is trying to authenticate, but it is certainly worth explaining as to what can be done in such situations. Keep it in mind that even if you disable Touch ID and Face ID for some time, you can enable it back again whenever you like.

How To Quickly Disable Face ID?

How To Quickly Disable Face ID

So, if you want to find out how to quickly disable Face ID and other security features of your device then you have a couple of options to consider. Described here are both the methods that you can try.

  • Method 1: iPhone users can quickly press sleep/power/wake button that is present towards the side of their device five times successively. It will show Emergency SOS power screen, and also disable biometric access till the time you enter the passcode. In iPhone X, these buttons are referred to as “side button”.
  • Method 2: If you’re forcefully asked to hand your iPhone X over to someone, you just have to grip both the buttons available on sides of your iPhone and it will also bring up the emergency power screen and disable Face ID access to your device until a passcode is provided successfully.

So, it’s that simple. Just follow any of the two methods detailed above to remove any time of biometric access on your device until you give the passcode to validate yourself as the authentic user of the device. And, as soon as you do that, your iPhone will start working normally again.