QuickTime Video Editing – Easily Edit Your Videos On Mac

Every Mac owner is aware of QuickTime application that comes in the package. However, it is not just a simple tool for video-playback. Your QuickTime video editing tool allows you to do some basic editing of your videos and offers recording features as well. The app is definitely not same as the iMovie app, it is somewhat different and helps you do little tricks with your videos.

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How To Trim Videos With QuickTime Video Editor

How To Trim Videos With QuickTime Video Editor

If you want to trim your video files using QuickTime app, you should open the desired video file in QuickTime first. As it is set as default player in Mac OS, you just need to double-click the files and they will open up.

Once you have opened the desired video file in your QuickTime app, you need to click on Edit andthen Trim. This will take you to the trimming interface that is pretty straightforward. Here you will have to click on small bars on both the ends and drag these bars for selecting the portion that you want to save. Once you are done with the selection, Click Trim to remove other parts of your video file.

After completing the Trimming process, click on File and then Save for saving this new video file. However, if you want to keep the original video file as well then you should click on File and then Duplicate.

How To Combine Files With QuickTime Video Editing

How To Combine Files With QuickTime Video Editing

With QuickTime, the Mac users can combine several video files into one too. The process is simple and straightforward as well.

To begin with, open your first file using QuickTime pro video editing software. Now drag/drop other files on your editing software. It will become visible where your first file ends. If you want to rearrange your files here, they can be dragged and dropped to put them in order. If you want some content to be removed from the chosen clips then just double-click on the clip in question to open Trim interface and then use the process mentioned above to keep the desired parts.

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You can also overlap the audio of these clips with some other audio file. Simply, drag/drop the file on your QuickTime app and you will see a bar appearing underneath your video files. Now for the length of audio file that you have just inserted, the original audio of your video clips will not play rather the new audio will play with original video.

When this new file will be saved, the content that you have added will start appearing in the end. Or, it will have the same order as you may have rearranged it.

How To Record Videos Using QuickTime App

The QuickTime app also offers some in-built video recording features and allows you to have a quick option for recording videos on your Mac. There can be different sources for recording videos on your Mac using QuickTime like from the webcam of your Mac device. In addition, the app even allows you to record the desktop of your Mac for creating screencast and, other than that, you can also capture the screen of your iPhone/iPad by connecting the device with your Mac using Lightning cable.

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For this, you’ll first have to launch QuickTime on your Mac. You can find record options in File Menu. Choose ‘New Screen Recording’ or ‘New Movie Recording’ from the menu. If you want to record the screen of your iPad or iPhone using Mac then you will have to choose ‘New Movie Recording’ option and thenopt for iOS device as “camera” for recording.

How To Record Videos Using QuickTime App

After that, choose audio/video sources and click on red button to start recording. Once you have recorded whatever you wanted to record, click on Stop button and you will be shown the recorded video in preview mode. The recorded video can also be edited using Trim feature of the app and the process will exactly be the same as discussed in the earlier section of this article. Once you have completed everything and the video is ready to be saved, click on File and then Save.

The QuickTime video editing software comes with many other handy editing features. For instance, one can use Flip and Rotate options in Edit menu for changing the way videos are displayed. There is still a lot more to explore and you will definitely find this app one of the best options you have on your Mac.