Get Root Access With FilzaEscaped For iOS 11.3.1 – No Jailbreak Needed

Get Root Access With FilzaEscaped For iOS 11.3.1 – No Jailbreak Needed

Filza app is quite a famous and frequently used application that’s been packaged, updated and sent out to the community in the form of FilzaEscaped offering support for iOS devices that haven’t been jailbroken yet and are running an iOS version between iOS 11.2 and iOS 11.3.1.

As for the jailbroken devices, we have seen Filza itself has done a great job always. It has been a popular installation and is installed on majority of jailbroken iOS devices already.

Those installations, however, are related uniquely to ‘Filza’ app as standalone alternative and it doesn’t account for people having the same experience with FilzaEscaped app on their non-jailbroken devices.

When the app was first launched, it took the community by storm and then become one of the top choices for jailbreakers in no time and that’s what makes it one of the exciting new launches coming to non-jailbreak users.

Now the updated FilzaEscaped experience is available with support for the latest iOS versions starting from iOS 11.2 to iOS 11.3.1. You will obviously get complete root access without needing any kind of jailbreak whatsoever.

It comes with integration of latest exploits from the developer which means that the latest version of the app now supports latest firmware offering support for the exploits that were used in Electra Jailbreak as well. Besides, it also provides non-jailbreak iOS device owners with an app which they can use for checking out their filesystem with no need of going through the process that uses Electra or without any need to re-run the Electra app at the very least.

With this release, the developer of the app has pushed out two different versions of the FilzaEscaped app. One of these versions offers support for users who do not have a developer account while the other version is for the users who have developer account. The first one uses VFS exploit whereas the other one relies on multi_path exploit. So, the system is very much the same as in the case of Electra jailbreak which itself is released for multiple use cases.

So, if you have missed the Filza experience for some time and are ready to get on with it now, below you have the links to both the versions and you can use these links for downloading and then sideloading the app to your device.

Download: FilzaEscaped with VFS exploit (no developer account)
Download: FilzaEscaped with multi_path exploit (developer account needed)

Once you have downloaded these files, you can sideload FilzaEscaped app for iOS 11.3.1 using the steps given here.

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