Shopping With Cryptocurrency Becomes Possible Through Apple Pay And Coinbase Card Now

    Coinbase has moved a step forward to allow payment for goods with cryptocurrency as your Coinbase Card can now be used for making transactions through Apple Pay.

    So, you can now make purchases online and at stores using crypto, making it just another currency like many others.

    Your Coinbase Card will work similar to other debit cards you may have. And, that means, you’ll only be able to spend whatever amount is available in your crypto wallet. There’s a catch, however. It won’t be that simple to get yourself a Coinbase Card. You’ll have to be a part of a waiting list and wait until your turn to get the card.

    “You can now use your Coinbase Card with Apple Pay and Google Pay to make it even easier to spend crypto¹ at home and on the go. Starting this week, we’ll invite select customers off the waitlist to begin earning up to 4% back in crypto rewards². If you’re already on the waitlist for Coinbase Card, you’ll soon receive an invitation to apply. If you’re not on the waitlist, join here.”

    It won’t be much of a problem to set up for Apple Pay to make such payments. It is pretty simple and straightforward. And, it’s no big deal that soon enough you’ll be using Apple Pay to buy lunch and pay for it with Bitcoin. Of course, you will have to be part of the waitlist first.

    Start learning about how you can use Coinbase Card now!

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