How To Sideload Apps On iOS By Using Xcode7? No Jailbreak Needed

    There are many things that can be done on iOS devices without having to jailbreak. You can use many popular apps that are not on App store, duplicate apps and do other such tweaks. To be fortunate, you don’t need some type of paid account or jailbreak for this purpose now as Xcode 7 can allow you to sideload apps. Though the process may appear to be a bit complicated but actually it is not. Here we have listed some simple steps on how to sideload apps with the help of Xcode7. Remember it’s completely free.

    How To Sideload Apps iOS By Using XCode7?

    How To Sideload Apps On iOS By Using Xcode7? No Jailbreak Needed

    Here are the simple steps that you need to follow.

    1. Download Xcode 7, install it on Mac.
    2. Once installed, launch the program and let any kind of installation processes that may appear to complete.
    3. Go Menu Bar and select SelectXcode and then Preferences.
    4. In Accounts tab select ‘+’ button before adding Apple ID.
    5. After adding your ID successfully, enter Apple account details to login.
    6. Now download swift source code or Objective-C code for your desired application that is intended to be sideloaded and open it. For instance, you can get the “GBA4iOS Game Boy Emulator” source code to sideload it on iOS.
    7. Run following command to sideload apps in terminal. Here it is:

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    “sudo gem install cocoapods; git clone; cd gba4ios; pod install”

    1. Once the app opens in Xcode, you should now connect iOS device with the help of USB, and opt for it as your build destination. You can do this by clicking on “Product” in Menu Bar after that going to “Destination” and selecting the connected device.
    2. For installing the desired apps, Xcode needs you to have a signature for code signing. For that you’ll have to click Project name towards the left of Xcode. Provide your ‘Bundle Identifier’ in ‘Identity’ part here. Usually the format is that of ‘reverse domain name’, however, you can provide anything you may like.
    3. You will next receive a warning will show up that says ‘No matching profile found’. Opt for your name in ‘Team’ box at the bottom and click ‘Fix Issue’ button to get the issue resolved.
    4. If that source code is perfect and there aren’t any warnings or errors, the Xcode 7 will sideload your chosen app after which it will run on destination device that you have chosen.

    So, that’s how to sideload apps by using Xcode7 on your device and without the need of any kind of Jailbreak.

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