Snapchat++ On iPhone – How To Download And Install The App

    If you already use Snapchat on your iOS device then you must be quite familiar with all its great features and the kind of experience it offers.  You may love it for sending/receiving Snaps with time limitations, but you may also want to have a version that offers you a bit more. Well, Snapchat++ is what you are actually looking for. You can get snapchat++ on iPhone running iOS 10 or iOS 11 without having to jailbreak your device. It is, basically, Snapchat’s modified version that comes with a whole bunch of new features and functions to offer a better experience to the Snapchat users. The best part is that you can run snapchat++ on iPhone running latest iOS 11 too and it works perfectly fine even without a jailbreak.

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    What Is Snapchat++?

    If you have used WhatsApp++ or Betternet++ then you won’t have hard time understanding exactly what is Snapchat++. As mentioned earlier, it is just like actual Snapchat app but it comes modified with some additional features and can be downloaded to your iPhone or other iOS device without the need of App Store or jailbreaking. You get everything which is offered by the official version but that functionality is actually appended. For instance, you are able to select Stories that should be automatically saved and where they should go.

    What Features You Get With Snapchat++ On iPhone?

    After installing Snapchat++ on iPhone, you will get some added features and functionality. For instance, you’ll be able to increase record strength, spoof locations, set customized launch view and notification sounds, and access quite a few extra features from within this new app.

    The added functionality also determines how exactly your Stories will work on the Snapchat app. You also get access to your dedicated ‘Snapchat+ Media Vault’that gives you more control over all incoming/outgoing saved Snaps.

    Here it is important to mention that if you will install any SnapChat update in the form of a newly released version of the app from App Store, it will overwrite your tweaked Snapchat++ version. So, be aware of that before getting into the act.

    Is It Safe To Install SnapChat++ On iPhone?

    Is It Safe To Install SnapChat++ On iPhone-napchat++ On iPhone - How To Download And I

    If you are downloading the tweaked version available at Build Store, a third party store, you can rest assured that it will be a safe install. It is stated in their content policy that all the applications available on their app store should not do any harm to your device. They review all the apps internally for any stability issues and malicious code that might be embedded deep inside the app. But you should also keep it in mind here that they don’t claim the responsibility of actions taken by app developers against app users.

    How To Download Snapchat++ On iPhone And Install It?

    Now that you are receptive to the idea of downloading and installing snapchat++ on iPhone, you should follow the steps given below for actually downloading the tweaked app and installing it on your iOS device.

    How To Download Snapchat++ On iPhone And Install It-Snapchat++ On iPhone - How To Down

    1. First and foremost, you’ll have to remove original Snapchat app if you have installed it already on your iPhone.
    2. Next, download snapchat++ IPA on your PC or Mac.
    3. Download and install Cydia Impactor on your PC or Mac. You can also use Xcode to sideload IPA file alternately, but here we’ll be using Cydia Impactor for getting Snapchat++ on iPhone.
    4. Connect the iPhone to PC or Mac now and launch Cydia Impactor.
    5. Just drag/drop Snapchat++ IPA on Cydia Impactor window.
    6. Here your authentication with your Apple login details will be required. The information will actually go to Apple for generating signing certificate for the said app. You can create an alternate Apple ID for this purpose if you’re not so comfortable with providing your actual account details.
    7. Snapchat++ will now be installed on your device now. And when the set up is finished, Snapchat icon will be visible on the Home screen of your iPhone.
    8. Before you launch Snapchat,you will first have to browse Settings and go to Profiles/Device Management option in General Settings area.
    9. Open profile with your specified Apple ID as its label and tap Trust button twice.

    Now you can launch Snapchat from your Home screen. Use your Snapchat account to login and you shouldn’t really face any issues here while accessing all the Snapchat++ features. It is important to remember here that you’ll be required to reinstall Snapchat++ on iPhone with Cydia Impactor every seven days. If you won’t do that then it will continue to crash every time you’ll try to run it afterwards.

    So, get Snapchat++ on iPhone using the method described above and start enjoying extended functionality on your iOS device right away.

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