Software Issues In iPhone 8 Reported To Cause Panic For Apple

    The engineers and executives at Apple are sweating before the launch of new iPhone 8 that is expected to come later in the year as, reportedly, there are quite a few persistent software issues the device is said to face. According to a recent report, the designers and engineers at Apple are having a hard time in dealing with some software issues that are popping up in the 3D depth-sensing and inductive wireless charging capabilities of the device.

    Apparently, each year we have reports that suggest that the new iPhone release from Apple could be delayed potentially, or that specific components’ yields are lagging behind, and this leads to demand of the product outweighing its supply when the product is launched.

    But this time things feel a bit different as Fast Company has cited people who know what’s actually going on and it suggests that there is some sort of panic situation at Apple internally. Apparently, the panic is the result of ongoing problems which might result in new iPhone shipping without any of the major features Apple has advertised already.

    As it appears, Apple is facing problems with integration of 3D sensing features of front-facing camera and inductive wireless charging. John Gruber’s opinion on wireless charging has already been out in the public, as he states that it is unlikely for this feature to be activated until the iOS 11.1 release later in the year.According to the report from Fast Company, the delay might be due to software problem instead of any supply issues with additional charging accessory.

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    There are also reports that suggest that another problem Apple is facing is to implement its decision of removing Touch ID to accommodate facial recognition through front cam in iPhone 8. And again, the problems lie in the software. Though the sources are quite comfortable to claim that Apple will be able to get things working before the September release of iPhone 8, but still the company is in a limbo when it comes to wireless charging.

    To be honest, it’s more rumors than the reality. No matter which device launch you talk about, there are always some sort of internal issues that the manufacturers have to take care of. Even Apple can have such issues and they can be overcome by the time the new iPhone’s launch is scheduled.

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