Somebody Just Ran Ubuntu On A Jailbreak iPhone

iPhone jailbreak has been around for a long time and all the modern devices can be jailbroken. The jailbreaking process usually allows iPhones and iPads to do all the weird and wonderful things and we have just witnessed one. A Reddit user said that they installed and run Ubuntu on their iPhone 7 after jailbreak. Even better, it worked surprisingly well and they were able to access the complete GUI.

According to Reddit user newhacker1746, they managed to run ubuntu on their iPhone 7 after jailbreaking the device with checkra1n jailbreak that is based on checkm8 exploit.

What’s even more impressive about all this is that the iPhone 7 they used wouldn’t normally boot into the native operating system due to failed hardware. But that doesn’t make any difference for Ubuntu to boot up.


“To be honest, I felt a lot of pride in using Linux for one of its classic purposes: repurposing otherwise-unusable devices. This iPhone would never be able to boot iOS again, as its nvme nand is completely dead. Yet, it boots Linux and mounts a filesystem over USB ethernet no problem!”

The hardwork done by this Reddit user can be seen on their YouTube video as well as their Reddit where they tell you how you can do this all by yourself. If you’re already trying to do that right now without much success, you should take some help from the said video.