Steps To Sideload iOS Apps On Windows And Mac Using Cydia Impactor

    In our previous post we talked about sideloadingapps and IPA files on different iOS devices with the Xcode tool. However, for that you need to have Mac or you must run a Hackintosh. But you don’t have to restrict yourself to those options as you can have same results achieved by opting to sideload iOS apps on windows and Mac through Cydia Impactor. Jailbreak isn’t needed for this process to work either.

    Sideload iOS Apps On Windows And Mac Using Cydia Impactor

    Sideload iOS Apps On Windows And Mac Using Cydia Impactor

    Here are the steps you need to follow for sideloading apps on iOS with this method

    1. Download Cydia Impactor from its official website for free. It is important, however, that you download appropriate version of the tool according to the OS you want to run it on, Mac or Windows.
    2. Extract and save the files from downloaded package.
    3. Next, you’ll need IPA file for the app that has to be sideloaded. IPA file differs from one app to another, so choose the correct one.
    4. When you have IPA file ready, it’s time to connect iOS device on which you intend to sideload your desired app to PC or Mac using USB cable. Here you should also ensure that you have latest iTunes version running on your machine.
    5. Run Cydia Impactor on your machine.
    6. Now choose the device that you have connected from the dropdown that shows up on your screen.
    7. Drag/drop the IPA file that you had downloaded earlier on the window of Cydia Impactor that is opened right in front. You will now be asked to enter Apple ID associated with some Developer Account for signing this app so that the sideload can continue.
    8. So, provide valid login details and then click OK. It’s important to mention here that when you are using free Developer Account details, the certificate of the app expires within 7 days and you need to repeat that entire process again. But if you go for the paid option, the certificate lasts fora year.
    9. Next, you will see a dialogue that warns you of some existing certificate being replaced, click OK and continue.
    10. Now Cydia Impactor will fetch relevant certificates present of developer portal of Apple and sign your IPA file digitally for validation purposes. Wait until it completes.
    11. The app will now sideload and you will be able to see its icon on Home Screen once the process is completed. Now go to Settings and Select Profile and Device Management in General Tab. Here locate the recently installed profile for the new app. Once you have it, tap and choose “Trust” option so that it can run on your device.

    So, that’s all. Go to your Home Screen where you’ll find the icon of newly sideloaded app. You can now run it and there is no need of jailbreaking your device anymore.

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