How To Download & Stream Torrents On Apple TV 4K – No Sideloading Or Jailbreak Needed

    If you love to watch your favorite movies on your PC or TV right after their release, you must be familiar with torrents and how they work. Yes, they allow you to download latest files to your machine and enjoy the most high quality videos and movies. But if you have recently upgraded to Apple TV 4K then you may want to know how you can download and stream torrents on Apple TV 4K.

    How Things Work Normally?

    Normally, when you want to stream individual torrents on your Apple devices, it requires you to first sideload the app with any of the available options like Cydia Impactor or Xcode.

    Though it used to be a simple and straightforward method but sometimes things could go wrong. Also, the problems were usually encountered by the Apple TV users. However, things have changed now and you can simply find the desired streaming link for the torrent file you’re interested in and use it for streaming the torrent on your Apple TV through VLC app.

    How To Stream Torrents On Apple TV 4K?

    If you haven’t yet got the idea, here is the step by step guide for you to stream torrents on Apple TV 4K.

    1. First of all, launch tvOS App Store from your Apple TV 4K and then search for VLC app. It’s a free app and you can download it from the App Store as soon as the search results are displayed in front of you.
    2. Once you have installed VLC player, go to the torrent website that you normally use for streaming media and search for the file that you’re looking to stream on your Apple TV. Copy its magnet link on the torrent page.
    3. Next, you will have to launch from your computer, iPad or iPhone and paste that magnet link there. Tap on Go button now to proceed.
    4. Now you will get the green-colored download button and it will have a downwards arrow on it. You can also do it by clicking/tapping on VLC icon. It will open a streaming window for the torrent file in question. Copy URL from address bar in your browser window.
    5. Now launch VLC app that you had downloaded earlier to stream torrents on Apple TV 4K. Switch to Network Streaming tab in VLC app.
    6. In Network Stream header there will be a text field. All you have to do is paste your streaming URL that you had copied earlier here. As a result, VLC will start to stream torrents on Apple TV 4K.

    That’s all, it takes only few simple steps described above to start streaming torrents on your Apple TV 4K. Just, remember, you need to ensure that you choose only legal content to stream torrents on Apple TV 4K. Otherwise, you may have to face certain consequences. But if the content is legal, there will be no issues whatsoever and you can stream as many torrents as you like.

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