Taking Backup Of Apple TV – A Step By Step Guide

    In today’s world of technology, everyone knows how important it can be to backup your devices. In case of any unfortunate event, you might need to restore your device from a backup to make sure everything goes as usual. To be unfortunate, Apple has not yet come up with a way out for taking backup of Apple TV.

    But only this inability of backing up the Apple TV devices does not mean that your important data can’t be saved anywhere. Home Sharing and iCloud can still come to your rescue and your apps, movies, music, photos and TV shows can all be backed up. Here we’ll be discussing a few things that you can try.

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    Syncing Your Apps, Movies And Music As Backup Of Apple TV

    As soon as you login to your iTunes and the Apple TV app store, everything that you have purchased including movies, music, apps and TV shows are displayed automatically for streaming or installation purposes. It is also possible to use the podcast activities. Subscribing to the Apple Music will allow you to utilize audio streaming as well. All your content will go in Purchased section for every app and you can easily access it anytime.
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    As far as apps are concerned, you might not like the process at all because you will have to go through the apps individually and install them to Apple TV. Also, if you have been playing some game for which cloud syncing is not supported, it is possible for you to lose all the progress.

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    But otherwise, it is fairly easy to get all your stuff back on Apple TV. All the App Store and iTunes content is always there to be installed or streamed on the Apple TV. You just need to login using Apple ID for that. In case of any crash, you just need to sign into your account to see the downloads and purchases you had made. Here is how to do that.

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Click Accounts
    3. Click iTunes & App Store option
    4. Click Add new Apple ID option
    5. Enter username and then click Continue
    6. Enter password of your Apple ID
    7. Click Sign In.

    It is also possible to add several accounts allowing everyone at your home to be able to Add content to the Apple TV using their Apple ID.

    Sharing Content From Your Computer To Apple TV

    Sharing Content From Your Computer To Apple TV-Taking Backup Of Apple TV – AStep By Step Guide

    It doesn’t matter if you don’t buy TV shows and movies on iTunes or use the Apple Music, it is still possible to use Home Sharing for entertaining yourself with your personal collection. Any content that you have on your home computer can be shared to the Apple TV as well. It doesn’t really matter if the Apple TV gets fully occupied or crashes as all your stuff will still be stored on Mac as well. When you have added the computer in Home Sharing, all its content can be found in Computers application on Apple TV.

    Syncing Photos On Your Apple TV

    It will not be possible for you to download your pictures directly to the Apple TV. Rather, they can be accessible through iCloud. There is no need to enable the iCloud Photo Library,in case, if you’re not willing to access everything you have in Photos. Just simply view the shared albums that you have or check out last 1000 photos of yours. In case of any potential crashes, you will only have to re-enable the desired photo streaming option for your Photos app as soon as your Apple TV is restored and running again.

    TV App Can Have Your Back

    Earlier, in case of tvOS crashes, there used to be a long and tiring process to recover as you had to sign into all the cable subscriptions again for using them on the Apple TV. Single sign-on, however, allowed many to be able to only sign in one time for directly accessing the cable subscriptions they were using after reinstalling the channel apps and opening them on the Apple TV.

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    However, if you are using TV app, you will not even lose the TV activities with your supported channel apps. TV app content gets synced in cloud and can be used easily across several devices. Besides, this serves as your backup of Apple TV as well and allows you to watch movies and everything else on your Apple TV.

    So, you might not have that same type of backup of Apple TV as we traditionally have for other devices but with iCloud right there to serve you, you aren’t completely out of luck. You can still be able to keep your data safe with a few simple workarounds.

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