Tesla Produces 1 Million New Cars Every Year: The Car Manufacturer Confirms

    Tesla has now confirmed that the car manufacturer has successfully achieved the capability of making 1 million cars per annum by the end of the previous quarter. However, that is still not enough as the deliveries are taking much longer than anticipated by many buyers.

    Zach Kirkhorn, the tesla CFO, has confirmed the news during the recently conducted Q3 earnings call.

     “We were also able to achieve an annualized production run rate of over 1 million cars towards the end of the quarter. The increase in production rate has been primarily been driven by further ramping of Model Y at Gigafactory Shanghai. Additionally, we have made great progress in increasing production volume of Model S and have recently started production and ramp of Model X.”

    We are not sure yet, however, if Tesla will manage to maintain this production rate moving forward or not. The shipping shortages across the world will likely impact the manufacturing process further. That’s something Tesla and other companies have been already warning of.

    With an increasing number of people switching to electric cars, Tesla will still be concerned about its inability to manufacture vehicles quickly enough to meet the rising demand.

    It has already faced problems getting Cybertruck into production. The Roadster project is another ambitious initiative that has been problematic so far.

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