The LiDAR Scanner Might Be Included In Only One iPhone 12 Pro, and not Both

    Apple will be announcing its iPhone 12 line later in 2020 – most probably in September/October – and there have been lots of rumors going around about that.

    The latest came through in a tweet from the YouTuber EverythingApplePro which featured the latest CAD renders displaying something a bit different – unlike what we had thought previously, Apple is set to introduce the LiDAR Scanner only in its larger iPhone 12 Pro model.

    The LiDAR Scanner Might Be Included In Only One iPhone 12 Pro, and not Both

    The feature was first introduced in the 2020 iPad Pro refresh that came earlier this year and it was expected that it will be there in both the iPhone 12 Pro models.

    However, the latest CAD renders show that wouldn’t be the case, and only the bigger of the two iPhones would get the AR-related LiDAR scanner.

    “iPhone 12 design will likely not be what we thought. Recent iPhone 12 CADs paint a completely different picture. Did Apple pull a fast one on the leak community?”

    It won’t be happening for the first time in recent history that Apple has decided to include the best and the biggest photo features in its larger iPhone release. The same happened when iPhone 7 Plus came out as it supported the Portrait mode while the smaller iPhone 7 lacked the same capabilities. So, can we expect Apple to repeat history now?

    Well, that might not be much of a concern for many as the biggest deal for this new iPhone line is that we’ll be getting squared-off edges similar to the iPhone 4 and the likes. Those models were really well-received by the masses. Everyone would want that even if Apple takes off all those cameras from the three quarters on the new iPhones – nobody cares about that!

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