The Upcoming iPad Pro Line Might Come With 5.9mm Thickness And Now Headphone Jack

Apple is already gearing up to introduced its new iPad Pro line within a few weeks, and even though it’s still not clear that whether it will be in this month, as rumored previously, or later we’re sure that it is coming before December. Regardless of when Apple introduces the new tablets, as it appears, we are ready to see some super-thin chassis that won’t have much room for the headphone jack to be incorporated into it.

This piece of information has been taken from a leak where the source has been very accurate with all his claims made previously about iPhone XR and iPhone XS models spot on. Now, if CoinCoin, the Twitter user who is actually the source of this news, is perfectly right once more, it means we’re going to see iPad Pro which measures around 5.9mm in thickness. In turn, this will mean that there’s not going to be much of room available on side of the new iPad models for adjusting that 3.5mm headphone jack which featured in the previous models. And, if that happens to go exactly like that, it’s going to be the very first time for Apple to ditch this headphone jack on its iPads. Now, that’s something that has been on the cards ever since we had lost that connector after iPhone 7 refresh couple of years back.

The thickness of the current 10.5” iPad Pro model stands at 6.1mm and that means we actually have some scope to make the newer model go a bit thinner. The expected 5.9mm model will also probably have the smallest available display size in new tablets around. Some rumors also suggest that 13” iPad Pro model is also being worked upon and we can expect that one actually to be a bit thicker according to the past releases – the thickness of current 12.9” iPad Pro model stands at 6.9mm.

As new iPad Pro models are expected to come with slimmer bezels as well as Face ID, it appears already that we are going to see biggest redesign coming to iPads that we haven’t seen from Apple in previous years. So, stay tuned and see what’s coming!

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