Tim Cook Could Be Replaced by John Ternus as Apple CEO, According to Report

    The CEO of Apple Tim Cook has been the company’s head after Steve Jobs retired in 2011, while later this year he’s going to be 64 himself.

    This indicates that he won’t be leading for a lot of additional years and it appears like plans are underway for finding his successor.

    Tim Cook Could Be Replaced by John Ternus as CEO Of Apple, According to Report

    With that said, the suggestion of an imminent change is not there and according to the reports by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, John Ternus could be the one to assume control if and when Cook opts for retirement. If it occurred to happen shortly, it is supposed that Jeff Williams, the present chief operating officer would fill the position. However, the change is not likely to take place for some time, and William himself is experiencing the effects of time.

    But Williams, who’s 61 this year, is only two years Cook’s junior, and company insiders say they think it’s now unlikely he’ll be the new long-term chief. Apple’s board would probably want an executive who, like Cook and Jobs, would stick around for at least a decade. “If you asked me five years ago, it was very clear Jeff was leading the pack to become CEO,” says one longtime Apple executive. “But the slowness to refresh the C-suite leaves a problem with who you can bring on board

    Cook is assumed to have a preference to stay as Apple CEO for about three more years, and Turner is thought to be the one to take charge later on.

    Tim Cook Could Be Replaced by John Ternus as CEO Of Apple, According to a report

    Ternus is well-liked inside Apple, and he’s earned the respect of Cook, Williams and other leaders. “Tim likes him a lot, because he can give a good presentation, he’s very mild-mannered, never puts anything into an email that is controversial and is a very reticent decision-maker,” says one person close to Apple’s executive team. “He has a lot of managerial characteristics like Tim”.

    There is still a long way to go for any among them to change certainly, and before then there are bunch of latest Apple products to be released. If everything was not already being planned, Bit Cook and the remaining executive team of Apple would not be keeping up with their jobs- while it is quite evident that is exactly what’s going on.


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