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    Whether you’ve just switched to iPhone or you are just on the lookout for top iPhone apps that can revamp your iPhone in 2017, our list of 17 best iPhone apps features some wonderful applications that really belong on the home screen of your iPhone. Covering everything from music to photo editing, these apps are really going to turn your small iPhone into something special.

    Before beginning to download these apps on your iPhone, however, it is important that you have updated your iOS to latest available version. This will make sure that your apps run in a smooth manner and you have access to all latest features they have to offer.

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    Top iPhone Apps Available For Free

    Let’s take a look at some of the top iPhone apps free that you must install on your iPhone in 2017.

    1. Google Trips

    Google Trips - Top iPhone Apps for 2017

    The very first app on our free apps list is Google Trips. Though everyone loves vacations but what everyone hates about them is the planning part. So, rather than succumbing your iPhone to lots of different apps for tracking airlines, destinations and hotels –just power it up with Google Trips. With extensive search capabilities of Google, planning vacations with Google Trips is certainly going to be a breeze. The simple design of the app makes it even better.

    1. Chrome

    Chrome - Top iPhone Apps for 2017

    All the iPhones come with some basic apps from Apple that are set as default. But if you do not like the software from Apple and only love the hardware, the browser would probably be the first thing that you’d want to change on your iPhone. Among the lot of latest browsers, Chrome from Google is certainly on top of the list. The great incognito mode as well as many other features incorporated in this web browser really takes the pain out of web-surfing using your phone. Also, with constant updates, the browser is already on the path of improvement.

    1. Spotify

    Spotify - Top iPhone Apps for 2017

    Spotify is definitely one of the best free music apps and is already featured in our several iPhone apps lists. With its extensive library, Spotify allows you to listen to just about any track you can name. The radio option allows the users to find out some latest tunes and also sync their favorite music to their iPhone so that they can access what they love even when they are offline. You can even download a few of your favorite playlists and then enjoy them offline while on a trip.

    1. Snapchat

    Snapchat - Top iPhone Apps for 2017

    It isn’t just the millenials who are on Snapchat anymore. In fact, people of all age groups now use this app and stay in touch with their friends. Also, with some major groups bringingeverything latest in events and news for the snapchat users, it’s not just the app for individuals anymore. Private messages can be sent through the app besides viewing or building new snapchat stories with several posts.

    1. Mint

    Mint - Top iPhone Apps for 2017

    Mint is a wonder app with lots of amazing functionalities locked inside its impressive interface. Whether you want to save some cash on your upcoming trip, figure out what made you overspend in the last month or pay down your loans, we’d recommend Mint for all that. The app pulls all the account information of the user including credit cards, investments, banks and loans. With mint, you get great insights into the way you are spending and there are tools that let you set budgets, reminders for any upcoming bills and break down your spending into different categories.

    1. Magisto

    Magisto - Top iPhone Apps for 2017

    Have you ever tried to edit your iPhone videos? What kind of results you were able to achieve? Well, I’d say nobody has the time for editing videos for nothing, but with Magisto right there to help you can edit your iPhone videos like a proand all it takes is a few minutes. Magistofetches your videos and photos and then implements artificial intelligence for editing them to create amazing videos that you’d love to share with your family and friends. There are so many built-in effects anda full-fledge music library as well. The app allows you to share your newly made videos anywhere you might like including Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Whatsapp. You can even privately email your videos to friends.

    1. Signal

     Signal - Top iPhone App for 2017

    Everyone wants to have end-to-end encryption on their messengers. Even though you have this on all the popular messengers these days including Whatsapp, Signal puts the feature right. Messengers like Whatsappgather users’ data but Signal doesn’t follow any such business model. Even if government requires any information on the Signal users, the company has nothing to offer and that’s exactly the type of protection you’d want to have on your chat app.

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    Top Paid iPhone Apps for 2017

    So, now that we’ve gone through some of the best free apps for iPhone 2017, let’s take a look at few useful paid apps.

    1. Flux

    Flux - Top iPhone Apps for 2017

    Flux is an ambitious effort by Adrian Belew, the American Musician, and lets the world know what his take is on the modern music. For him, music should be quick, random and surprising to grab someone’s attention. Flux does exactly that. The best part is that it’s very rare to have that same thing more than once when you are using this wonder music app. Different forms of songs are there with alternate lyrics, mixes, and instrumentation.

    You can buy it on the app store for just $9.99. In fact, it’s worth spending money on if you are always on the go and want something special to entertain yourself.

           2. Space

    Space - Top iPhone Apps for 2017

    The experience Space app gives users basically depends on the way you approach it. If you want something to explore cosmos then it’s probably not for you but if you are looking to build your own miniature universe, Space is just for you.

    The app does not offer any support, rather you need to figure out yourself everything about its opaque interface and drop those space bodies on your screen. As time goes on, you find out the way they interact.

    The app can be bought for a little charge of $2.99. It’s good to have the tiny galaxy right in your palm.

          3. Dark Sky

    Dark Sky - Top iPhone Apps for 2017

    Available for just $3.99, it really is a handy app to have on your iPhone. The app gives you some quick weather forecasts and lets you take your complete gear with you as you go out. Dark Sky predicts weather to give you exact weather updates for your current location, rather than the city. There are some beautifully laid out maps as well to give you everything you need.

          4. Exacto

    Exacto - Top iPhone Apps for 2017

    You can find some iPhone apps that let you remove the backgrounds automatically from your images but when it comes to Exacto, you are allowed to do that with extreme precision. With the help of a pen tool the user can tap to create an outline with blue points for masking purposes. You can adjust the position of any point on the screen by simply dragging it after selection. There are some black points shown between those blue ones. You can bend lines by selecting these and create curves with only a couple of blue points.

    With useful features like project auto-save, undo and the layers system, Exacto is definitely worth a try. You can’t even find a close parallel to Exacto for your iPhone and can have it for just $2.99.

         5. Infltr

    Infltr - Top iPhone Apps for 2017

    Filters really provide that touch of elegance and creativity to the digital photos. With all the options available, however, you can easily be overwhelmed by the choice you make and may choose to get back to that old filter which you once used to cherish. Well, with Infltryou don’t have to get into such a situation ever again.

    couple talking and drinking coffee


    The app doesn’t give you the direct control of what you can do with it but just allows you to add your photos and then swipe the fingers over for changing the filter. With every move, you get subtle adjustments to give you afascinating mix of tactility and randomness.

    Infltr also offers a camera that works with panoramas and Live Photos besides so many export options. All such great features for just $2.99 really give this app a head go.

         6. Visionn

    Visionn - Top iPhone Apps for 2017

    Though the filters offered in the Prim app are really great and can quickly turn your photos into great pieces of art, it can be slow in terms of rendering and only allows you to access all its filter in online mode. Visionn really takes that concept to the next level and the best thing is that you can have access to all the filters of the app no matter where you may be. So, whether you’re using the built-in camera of the app or working with your existing videos and photos, you can simply swipe the filters and the effects will be observed instantly.

    The quality of filters varies, however, and may not be like that of Prism. The app is just available for $1.99.

          7. Castro

    When it comes to podcast apps, the first choice for many avid iPhone users is Overcast. However, the key feature of Castro can easily oust the former from your home screen. We’re talking about episode triage here.

    Castro - Best iPhone Apps for 2017

    It works quite similar to emails as new podcasts keep coming up to your inbox and you can toss a few you may be interested in to top of the queue or to the bottom. The rest can be dumped into searchable archive. When it comes to the podcasts for which you can’t miss out on a single episode, you can queue them by default. It certainly is a smart feature that can save quite a lot of your time. The archive also works perfectly and lets you access older episodes quickly.

    Other than that, you may not find anything special about Castro with its dull interface for playback, basic effects and normal podcast delivery. The app is available for $3.99 and nothing can beat it when it comes to prioritizing and managing.

         8. Living Earth

    Living Earth - Top iPhone Apps for 2017

    Living Earth offers you the functionality of clock and weather app together. The app lets you define a few cities for tracking purposes and you can switch from one to the other for checking current time, sunrises and sunsets, and the weather conditions.

    Tap on forecast to quickly have a view of what’s the weather is going to be like in the next week or so. Poke the clock to get the time and weather updates for all the defined locations. The distinguishing feature of the app is, however, that globe in the center of your screen to view the weather of the planet live. You can take a close look attemperature, humidity and wind but the default setting is for clouds. Want to know the price? It’s just $3.99.

         9. ProCam

    ProCam - Top iPhone App for 2017

    With so many camera apps available for iOS, the choice is really hard to make. In fact, many like the camera that is built-in the Apple devices. However, we’d suggest you to make a switch to Procam. The app gives you lots and lots of different tools to improve the digital images you shoot with your iPhone. The app comes with different shooting modes, anti-shake for shutter, and all the manual controls to give you a really powerful camera.

    couple talking and drinking coffee


    When you have finished shooting, however, you can try several editing tools as well. The app lets you to straighten, trim, crop, and add filters to your images to give them a whole new life. You can buy this handy app for £4.99.

       10. Productive

    Productive - Best iPhone Apps for 2017

    There are so many calendar apps out there that offer pretty much the same features to remind you of really important and immediate stuff. However, Productive gives it a different touch by tracking your habits to turn you into a better version of yourself.

    With its stylish interface, you can create new habits and then tag them with mornings, evenings or afternoons on regular intervals or on specific days. It then schedules things for you and keeps logs of all the success you achieve with transforming yourself. So, now you have a go at having a better organized life for yourself.

    Though the app is also available for free but that lets you add only 5 habits and if you want to track unlimited things about yourself then you will have to buy it for£3.99.

    So, now that you have our collection of top iPhone apps for 2017, both paid and free, make your pick and you’re surely going to find a few good matches for your needs.

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