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How To Transfer Videos From Computer To iPhone?

It is quite common for iOS users to find themselves in situations where they want to access all their favorite videos from PC/Mac on iPhone. For instance, you may be an avid traveler but you find long journeys to be quite boring. You can enjoy watching your favorite movies on your latest iPhone X or iPhone 8when on such long journeys to make sure your time is well spent. One hindrance here might be that if you don’t have movies on your iPhone then you’ll have to find out how to transfer videos from computer to iPhone. Once you know how you can transfer stuff to your iPhone, you can have fun on those long and boring journeys by simply enjoying your favorite movies, videos and TV shows. So, what options have you got for getting your videos to your iPhone? Let’s find out!

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Use iTunes To Transfer Videos From Computer To iPhone

The first option for transferring your stuff to iPhone is, obviously, the one given by Apple itself. You can use iTunes to get your videos to your iOS device. Here are the steps that you need to follow for that.

Use iTunes To Transfer Videos From Computer To iPhone-How To Transfer Videos From Computer To iPhon

  1. First of all, you have to add videos residing on your PC or Mac to iTunes. For this, launch iTunes on your PC/Mac.
  2. Next, click on ‘File’ menu towards top left side of the screen.
  3. In drop-down list that opens, select ‘Add File to Library’. This can be used for adding one single video file to iTunes but if you want to add an entire folder then you can select ‘Add Folder to Library’ and all the videos in the selected folder will be added to iTunes.Use iTunes To Transfer Videos From Computer To iPhone-How To Transfer Videos From Computer
  4. Now connect the iPhone to PC or Mac using USB cable and click the cell phone icon that appears beside the Content Menu for entering into your iPhone.
  5. Now you have to Sync videos in iTunes Library to your iPhone. And here you will first have to click on ‘Movies’ in ‘Settings’ towards the left of the screen and check the ‘Sync Movies’ checkbox from main window.
  6. Now select your videos from the list under ‘Movies’or check the ‘Automatically include movies’ checkbox for allowing iTunes to do the job for you automatically. Remember here you also have to select ‘All movies’ or ‘recent watched/unwatched videos’
  7. Once the videos have been selected, you can click on ‘Apply’ button that you can find just below the window and this will initiate the transfer process.
  8. Just wait until all your videos are transferred to your iPhone and have exclusive access to your favorite stuff afterwards.

How To Transfer Videos From Computer To iPhone Without iPhone

One might say why you’d need to transfer stuff from computer to iPhone without iTunes when iTunes is there and does the job perfectly. However, as it happens, sometimes iTunes continues to show annoying popups requiring certain actions to be taken before you are able to get more videos onto your iPhone. So, you can avoid the issue altogether by simply choosing for an alternate.

Dr. fone(iOS) is a good alternative to iTunes that you can try for getting your favorite stuff onto your iPhone. It can transfer video batches to iPhone from iTunes Library, PC/Mac and other iDevices safely. The best part is the video quality isn’t affected during the process either and you don’t also need to erase any of your iPhone’s original contents. Dr. fone can’t just transfer videos to your iPhone rather you can also use it for transferring photos, TV Shows, podcasts, audio books, iTunes U and any other data that you may want to. So, let’s take a look at how you can use Dr. fonefor getting stuff onto your iPhone.

How To Transfer Videos From Computer To iPhone Without iPhone-How To Transfer Videos From Computer

  1. Download Dr. fone to your computer and launch it. Select Transfer and simultaneously connect your idevice to your computer. It will be detected automatically by dr. fone.
  2. Now you can simply start transferring videos to iPhone by going to Videos from main interface. This will take you to Movies window but you will also see other stuff here as well including Music Vidoes, TV Shows, Home Videos, Podcasts and iTunes U in left sidebar.
  3. Click on ‘Add’ and then ‘Add File’ or ‘Add Folder’ and select your videos from computer accordingly. Clicking Open will load videos from computer to your iPhone.

Use Dropbox To Transfer Videos From Computer To iPhone

Now, here is another option that you can try to transfer videos from computer to iPhone without iTunes. Dropbox is a type of storage available online where you can store your documents, photos, mails and even videos. One interesting feature of this online storage option is that it allows you to share your files to all the synchronized devices you have such as iPhone/iPad.

Use Dropbox To Transfer Videos From Computer To iPhone-How To Transfer Videos From Computer To iPho

Now, below are the steps that you will have to follow for using this option to transfer videos from computer to iPhone.

  1. Browse Dropbox on your PC or Mac.
  2. Login to your account tap the ‘+’ icon in upload section.
  3. Now select desired videos from your computer to upload on Dropbox. You can do this by tapping on Photos and then Videos and finally selecting the folder where your stuff will be uploaded.
  4. Once the folder has been created, upload videos. Your files will now be stored on online storage and you can download them at any time using our iPhone.
  5. You can download stuff to iPhone by logging into that same account using Dropbox account. You’ll find the videos there and you can easily download them to your iOS device.

Hope you’ve got the answer to your question ‘how to transfer videos from Computer to iPhone’. You can use any of the three options described above and all of them work just fine. Now, it’s just the matter of preference as to which one you’d like to use.

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