A Troubleshooting Guide For Apple TV Users

    The latest set-top box from Apple is getting a lot of hype, however, it is still quite a new product that comes with new OS as well as app SDK –and some occasional bugs are inevitable as well. Those facing even minor issues with their Apple TV might think they’ve encountered something really big just because they don’t know exactly what has gone wrong. However, there some easy steps that can be taken for dealing with some of the common minor issues with Apple TV. Let’s take a look at them.

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    How You Can Force Quit Misbehaving Apps On Apple TV

    Troubleshooting Guide for Apple TV

    When you run into any kind of trouble on your Apple TV, it is possible to force quit the apps. For this, you will have to press Menu button from Siri Remote and hold it. It’s as easy as that.

    If that doesn’t sort out your issue and the problem persists, it is also possible to force restart the Apple TV. For this you will have to launch Settings and the tap Restart under System. However, if even that doesn’t solve your issue then you might have to consider uninstalling that misbehaving application and the reinstalling it on your device. You can also reach out to app developer for getting rid of the issue.

    How You Can Fix Issues With Particular App’s Content

    In case, if you are facing any kind of issues with the video/audio content coming from a particular provider or channel, you can get in touch with them. Apple offers contact information list for the content providers including their phone numbers, email addresses and websites. Such information is available for the most famous services that are supported on Apple TV.

    How You Can Reset Apple TV Having Glitches

    If you are facing across the board problems with the apps and the tvOS, you may want to consider hard reset now. The Apple TV can be restored to its factory settings pretty easily. Here are the steps you need to follow for that.

    • Go to Settings on your Apple TV
    • Click on system
    • Click on Reset

    Just keep one thing in your mind before hard resetting your Apple TV i.e. it will erase all the content that you might have stored locally on your device, including the game saves which haven’t been backed up on iCloud.

    How You Can Fix Your Apple TV That Is Bricked

    In case, if the Apple TV is not responding to anything at all, you might be in need of connecting it to the computer and forcing iTunes restore. Here are the steps that you will have to follow in the process.

    1. Plug the Apple TV into computer with the help of USB-C to USB cable
    2. Now launch iTunes
    3. Select Apple TV in Devices menu and then click on Restore Apple TV

    What To Do When Even iTunes Restore Doesn’t Work

    If all else fails then you might have to get yourself Genius appointment with Apple. For this, you might have to provide the serial number of your Apple TV and you can be able to find that at three different sources. Here are all three of them.

    • If the Apple TV is booting up, you can go to Settings and click About in General tab. (or you can get serial number of Siri Remote by going to Settings and clicking Remotes & Devices, then Bluetooth and then Remote)
    • In case, if the Apple TV is bricked and going nowhere then you can connect it to Mac using USB-C cable. After that, open iTunes to find its serial number.
    • If both the above mentioned options can’t be used then you can simply turn over your Apple TV and its serial number will be visible right there. It is located at device’s bottom right underneath FFC info and symbols.

    So, that’s probably what most of the new Apple TV users encounter with their machines. If you are facing something similar then follow the solutions mentioned above. But if you are facing something different, do let us know in comments section so that we can check out.

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