Tweetbot 3 Launched For Mac – Find Details Here


Tapbots recently launched a new version of the famous Twitter app for Mac as Tweetbot 3 is now made available on Mac App App Store for download.

The new Tweetbot 3 app comes with a new redesigned interface which isn’t just a riff on previous version of the app but also comes as a fresh design and is developed from ground up to offer Mac users something that actually feels new.

If you have been already using Tweetbot 2, you’ll instantly notice the fresh interface as its better space usage is quite evident. Overall, the app has a decidedly cleaner look and users would definitely appreciate it over other cluttered alternatives.

Tweetbot 3 Launched For Mac

A major feature that Tweetbot has to offer to both iOS and Mac users is the ability of muting text strings, hashtags and users. And Tweetbot 3 makes it all easier than ever by allowing users to mute, block and file report on the Twitter accounts with a mere click. That’s something we really miss in current Twitter horizon. There are persistent icons shown at the time of viewing tweets and this allows for speedy replies.

And, if you’ve always loved the dark theme then you’d be pleased to find out that new Tweetbot 3 features light as well as dark themes and they both are accessible through preferences inside the app.

Your eyes are really going to appreciate latest dark theme in situations where light is a bit low. You’ll also love that extra attention given to videos and images on your timeline.

Besides, Tweetbot 3 also comes with Expandable Sidebar, newly built Columns that support drag and drops as well, and inline media playback among other things.

The Mac users can buy Tweetbot 3 app from Mac App Store and it will cost them only $9.99. Remember that even if you’re already using an older Tweetbot version, you’ll still have to buy the app again. It’s a small price for all the usefulness that the app brings to the Twitter users and, obviously, for such a perfectly designed app.

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