Is Your Tweetbot Crashing During Startup Try This Fix For Mac or iPhone

Is Your Tweetbot Crashing During Startup Try This Fix For Mac or iPhone

If you are facing the same issue with Tweetbot app like many others, it must be crashing down the road on startup when used on your iPhone/iPad or Mac. However, the problem can be fixed and you don’t really need to worry about that too much.

Within the matter of days, there have been many instances reported about the crashing of Tweetbot application for twitter and it’s happening across all the devices. When investigations were made into the issue, it revealed that this is because of a new bug discovered in iOS. The bug causes the app to crash when a certain character entered. It happens on all the apps that use native text control from Apple.

And just like other apps out there for messaging purposes, Tweetbot uses it as well and, therefore, it crashes as soon as someone tweets/retweets something on the Twitter timeline and their tweet features a certain character of Telugu language from India.

As of now, the bug has been reported and Apple is very much aware of it. The fix is already in place with the betas of iOS 11.3. Besides, Apple is also making inroads to introduce an update for iOS 11.2.x as an immediate fix to the issue. However, if you are not in a position right now to upgrade to iOS 11.3 on any of your primary devices and can’t wait for the patch either for your iOS 11.2.x, you can fix the problem by logging into your Twitter account through web browser. Once you’ve logged into your account just browse through your timeline to find tweets or retweets with the mentioned Telugu character. As soon as you find one, just mute the person who did that or simply unfollow them to fix the Tweetbot crashing issue you’re facing, at least, temporarily.

Besides, you can simply delete the Tweetbot app and reinstall it as soon as you’ve gone through the entire process mentioned above. The problem will be fixed for the time being and you can easily wait for the patch to come through from Apple and still continue to use the app.

And if you don’t know about the Telugu character that we’ve referenced above, here it is:

We hope that Apple will soon come up with its official fix to solve the issue on iOS, macOS as well as watchOS.

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