How To Type In Requests To Siri Rather Than Speaking

With iOS 11 announced by Apple recently, the new features are being revealed. And one of those great features is the one that adds to the accessibility and is referred to as “Type To Siri”.

As the name suggests, the feature gives you an interface for textual input that allows you to type in all the queries you want to make to Siri, instead of speaking to it. The users will be able to toggle “Type To Siri” option on in the accessibility settings to make use of this feature.

Currently, the feature is introduced as accessibility feature which means it is designed for those who might not talk to the Siri and need keyboard for giving commands to Siri. It really will make the process easier for such people. But even if you don’t really have any such needs, you’ll still love this new feature.

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How To Toggle ‘Type To Siri’ On

Here are the steps you need to follow for toggling it on.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Accessibility in General
  3. Select Siri
  4. Toggle it On at top of your screen right in front of “Type To Siri”
  5. Now hold down your Home Button for triggering Siri

Though voice commands are not accepted by Siri when you are in “Type To Siri” mode, it is still possible to dictate if you tap Dictation button from the keyboard.

Using ‘Type To Siri’ Feature In iOS 10 or Earlier

How To Type In Requests To Siri Rather Than Speaking

Don’t worry if you’re not upgrading to iOS 11 and still want to use ‘Type To Siri’. The feature is still available in earlier iOS versions but is a bit more cumbersome. Here are the steps to follow if you want to use it in earlier versions.

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  1. Activate Siri by pressing and holding your iPhone/iPad Home Button.
  2. Dictate your request.
  3. Now tap on your spoken text for changing the query.
  4. Make changes you want and click Done at bottom right corner of your keyboard.

How To Type In Requests To Siri Rather Than Speaking

Note: It is also possible to tap just one word that is intended to be changed with the word suggestion feature offered by Siri.