UntetherHomeDepot 1.2.0 Update Released For Untethered Jailbreak

    Tihmstar, the developer of UntetherHomeDepot package, has continued with his good work and has released the update to this jailbreak tweak on Cydia. After initial release of the tool during last week, Tihmstar has already come up with several version updates featuring certain bug fixes and the latest release is UntetherHomeDepot 1.2.0 version that is believed to patch a really critical bug in the software package.

    What Comes With UntetherHomeDepot 1.2.0

    There are not many new features introduced with the 1.2.0 version and there is nothing exactly in terms of functionality either. Rather, Tihmstar tried to improve overall experience by patching a really serious bug that was preventing some users from getting an actually untethered experience.

    As UntetherHomeDepot was introduced only to provide untethered experience on iOS 9.3.4-9.1 jailbroken devices, this bug that we are talking about could easily be defined as something service critical and, therefore, the developer had to come up with a fairly quick update to make sure that the issue does not persist.

    The update was announced through a tweet which didn’t just inform the users about the exact changes coming up with the UntetherHomeDepot 1.2.0 version but also show how critical this bug was as it highlighted that it’d essentially disable utethered experience on devices having an active passcode. Quite delightfully for the users, 1.2.0 updated version should get rid of the issue right away, making sure that the process remains seamless when a passcode comes into play.

    One thing that is quite welcoming is that of late there has been a lot of activity in the jailbreak community. And, developer Tihmstar hasn’t been lagging behind either, releasing UntetherHomeDepot. Besides, ziVA exploit is coming soon from Adam Donenfeld as well as OF32 tool has been introduced allowing iOS users to extract any necessary offsets that could work alongside UntetherHomeDepot.

    So, whether you have already installed the package on your device from Cydia, or just have been waiting for initial bug fixes to come out prior to running the package on your device, the latest UntetherHomeDepot 1.2.0 is now available on Cydia with the above mentioned bug fixes. Hopefully, this update will remove any major issues and will probably offer the best experience to the end-users.

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