How To Use iPhone For Keeping Check On Your Flight Info

    As it turns out, third party applications for flight tracking are no longer needed by iPhone users. The reason? Well, Apple has integrated the feature in its latest iOS and Mac OS X versions. iPhone can now provide the users with all the flight details they need using their Mail, Messages and Notes apps. So, if you don’t know how to use iPhone for keeping check on your flight info then read on to find out.

    The iOS 9 now features data detectors from apple and comes with an intuitive UI to give you important airline information including flight name, flight status, departure time, and quite a few similar things that may be useful for the travelers. There is also an interactive map showing current trajectory of the flight. Regardless of the type of traveler you may be, this feature is really one that you must have on your iPhone.

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    Major Requirements

    How To Use iPhone For Keeping Check On Your Flight Info

    If you want to get the flight information right on your iPhone, your device must have iOS 9 or later. Also, you need to have either of the below mentioned apps on your iPhone to be able to get all such information.

    • Messages
    • Notes
    • Mail

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    In notes app you will have to type in the name of the flight, however, Mail and Messages require you to pull up the message or mail that carries flight information.

    How To Use iPhone To View Flight Information

    How To Use iPhone For Keeping Check On Your Flight Info

    Here are the steps that you should use for viewing all flight information on your iPhone.

    1. Open any of the apps mentioned above.
    2. If you are using Notes, add the desired flight number and the name of the airline. Using the number sign before flight number is totally on your own discretion.
    3. Tap & hold on automatically hyperlinked flight numbers. In the pop-up menu choose Preview Flight. If you are using iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus, you may also use the 3D Touch option.
    4. The above steps will take you to an interactive screen for Flight Preview where you can tap on plane icon or Airport Names, and the map adjusts according to choices you make.
    5. Tap done to extract required information.

    How To View Flight Information With iPhone 3D Touch

    How To Use iPhone For Keeping Check On Your Flight Info

    iPhone 6s users can take advantage of 3D Touch as said earlier (later models supported as well). Press a link firmly so as toPeek at your flight. After that, slide the finger upwards for sending this number to clipboard. Alternately, you can also press hard for opening flight preview in full screen mode.

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