Use Nesstool For Stopping The iOS Apps Getting Revoked – Learn How

As it happens, the apps that you sideloadon your iOS device from outside of App Store often get revoked. However, it is very much possible to stop them from revoking with the help of Nesstool. Installing this tool will help you to get rid of all the frustration after your seven-day certificate expires. It can also happen that Apple revokes your full enterprise or developer certificate for the sideloaded app. So, whatever the case is, you can rely on Nesstool for cutting down the hassle.

So, let’s not waste any more time and get directly into installation process.

Nesstool For Stopping The iOS Apps
  1. In order to avoid all the hassles involved with certificate-revoke of sideloaded apps, you have to install Nesstool on your device. The tool is available to the iOS users through TutuApp installer and you will need that on the same device in order for you to proceed. You don’t really need a jailbreak for having the TutuApp installer on your device and it can also be sideloaded the same way as other apps without jailbreak.
  2. Once you have TutuApp installer on your device, you can launch it and tap that search bar on top in order to find the Nesstool app. You may want to wait for that featured banner until it cycles through because your desired package might be listed there as well.
  3. Select the app so that you can get to its own product page. That’s where all the information about the tool can be revealed. There are interface screenshots and all the information on what this app can do for you. Explore the app first and then go on with the download by tapping that Start button that you can see towards bottom of the screen.
  4. You will now get an alert that prompts you to give permission for the installation of the app. Tap the Install button twice when prompted to continue the Nesstool installation process. However, you’ll get an alert saying Untrusted Developer when you’ll launch the app for the first time after the installation. So, you’ll have to trust it first in order to make use of it.
  5. Now go to Settings on your device and then go to Profiles & Device Management in General. Find out the profile for Nesstool installation in order to Trust it.
  6. Once trusted, you can exit the Settings and start using the app. Once the app is opened, tap the button that initiates protection for your device. This will give you another alert that informs you about the permission the app needs for creating VPN configuration. Select Allow here.
  7. You’ll be taken to Settings app and will be prompted to verify through Passcode or Touch ID. Do as you’re asked.

That’s all, you have given Nesstool all the permissions needed for it to work in background. It will block certificate verification from Apple and the sideloaded apps can continue to work without revoking. You can use them for as long as you want without any problems whatsoever.