Use This Game Boy Color iPhone Case For Adding Second Color Screen At Your iPhone’s Back

Use This Game Boy Color iPhone Case For Adding Second Color Screen At Your iPhone's Back

Game Boy remains among the top portable gaming consoles to have ever seen the light of day and many kids love this small machine with a green screen.

It’s been quite some time that we have had news in the air about some iPhone case which not just provided protection to your smart device but could also double up as your playable Game Boy. Now, the new and improved version of the same iPhone case is around and you can get your hands at one for your iPhone too.

Yes, this really is an improved iPhone case and you should definitely go for it. It won’t just offer you access to a variety of different games that you’d love to play, it provides you with a wonderful color screen on which you can play them. That’s something you didn’t have even with original Game Boy.

There are somewhere around 36 different games that you can play with this iPhone case. The TPU material that it is built with allows you to be at mind’s peace knowing that your iPhone is pretty safe and is well taken care of.

What’s even better is that iPhone case is available for a range of devices starting from iPhone 6 and going up to iPhone XS Max. The iPhone case really makes a perfect choice for anyone who’d like to have some added protection for their smartphone an would also like to have some answers to the Game Boy nostalgia they have.


Key Features

Here’s a look at some of the key features of this iPhone case.

  • Top quality colorful display to make next-level gaming experience possible
  • Tactile buttons to offer comfortable gaming experience whenever you like
  • Comes with a battery of its own which means you won’t be draining your iPhone’s battery and still allows you to enjoy all the classic games that you have always loved
  • It offers your iPhone the much-needed protection on all the corners including its rear camera and display
  • It is made using top quality TPU material
  • A full stack of 36 classic games from Game Boy to give you non-stop entertainment while you move

If you decide to buy it right now, you’d be entitled to a wonderful 15 percent discount on your purchase by applying the promocode GBCIRP15OFF at the time of checkout. There is probably nothing that you’d not love about this iPhone case.

So, whether you’re interested in playing Super Mario Brothers, Tetris, or some other game that you always loved, just make a pick on your iPhone’s second screen right at its back. It really makes one of the best gifts you could ever buy for a Game Boy fanatic or even for yourself. It’s time that you buy it for a discount.