Ventana Jailbreak Tweak – Give Your iOS 10 LockScreen A Windows 10 Look

If you have not ever loved the way your iPad or iPhone lock screen appeared, you can give it a complete revamp. However, that is possible if you have a jailbroken iOS 10 device. Ventana jailbreak tweak for iOS 10 is available for the jailbroken devices and is something that you have always been in search of. Ventana doesn’t just revamp your iOS 10 lockscreen but also comes up with quite a few features from Windows 10.

Ventana Jailbreak Tweak Features And All…

There are endless features that Ventana supports for iOS 10 lockscreen and it always goes a step further than other normal tweaks and upgrades that ever make it to Cydia store. So, let’s just not keep you waiting and delve right into the features and capabilities that it adds to your iOS device. To start with, it offers instant support for the native notifications and some additional notification tweaks as well which can all work perfectly on your iOS 10.
Ventana Jailbreak Tweak – Give Your iOS 10 LockScreen A Windows 10 Look.

Coolstar, the developers of Ventana jailbreak tweak, have also introduced some modern notifications and media controls that are Windows 10 look-alike to add some Microsoft flair to the lock screen of your iOS 10. The media controls that come with this wonderful little tweak are inspired by the Windows 10 desktop in case of iPad and the Windows 10 mobile in case of smaller screens of iPhone. It is also possible for the users to be able to use Quick Reply option from the lock screen.

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Another great feature that you’ll love to have is lockscreen suggestions but that is available on iPad version of this tweak only. These suggestions are basically powered by the Siri suggestions of Apple but the theme that is used makes them to appear more like Microsoft’s Cortana. So, it really blends function and form quite wonderfully.
Want some even more? The Ventanajailbreak tweak is also supported in iOS 8, 9 and 10. You can also swipe up right on your lockscreenfor unlocking the device. Besides, you can also activate seconds on your lockscreen clock.
Ventana jailbreak tweak is available as commercial package on Cydia’sBigBoss repository. You can buy it for both your iPad and iPhone only for $1.99. As mentioned earlier, it is supported on iOS 8, 9 and 10 but come with a few feature limitations based on iOS version you are currently using and the iOS device on which you have installed it. Try this wonderful tweak on your iOS device and enjoy all the great features.

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